21-22 JUNE 2016: SELF 2016

21-22 JUNE 2016: SELF 2016

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Arguably, self-assembly is one of the most important general concepts of modern Science, being at the basis of our understanding of life. The idea of self-assembly is common to many dynamic, multicomponent systems, from smart materials and self-healing structures to netted sensors and computer network.

Understood as the autonomous organization of components into patterns or structures, in Materials Sciences, self-assembly is employed in the bottom-up fabrication and design of nanostructures in materials of diverse nature(organic, inorganic, supramolecular,...). It is therefore a transversal concept, of interest to many researchers at ICMAB. Our aim in this workshop is to bring together ICMAB researchers working on different aspects of Self Assembly at the nanoscale in their research. The workshop will promote the exchange of ideas and experiences between researchers and foster possible scientific collaborations and synergies among researchers.


• Self-assembly of nanoparticles
• Self-assembled nanostructures onto surfaces (pillars,...)
• Self-assembly of organic molecules onto surfaces
• Self-assembly of molecules into 3D NPs (vesicles, liposomes, ...)
• Prediction of self-assembly: theory and simulation


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