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General Services

  • Administration

    Coming directly under Management, the Administration at the ICMAB is responsible for all of the administrative processes at the Institute, mainly general accounting, charging and payments and also the accounting of the different research projects. It is also responsible for the inventory, purchasing and public tenders.

    It takes responsibility for all of the tasks referring to personnel; recruitment and contracting. It also acts as an intermediary between travel agencies and personnel and takes care of reserving plane tickets, etc. and thus travel orders, expenses…


  • Computing

    Computing Web: http://www.icmab.cat/it

    Joan Figuerola
    Ángel Elbaz
    Javier Rubio
    Albert Moreno
    José Antonio Gómez

  • Library

    The library of the Materials Science Institute is specialized in Materials Science. It is part of the global CSIC Library Network, which joins a total of 90 specialized libraries distributed among 21 cities within 10 Autonomous Communities.


    Library Collections
    The library collection covers subject areas related to Material Science such as Physics, Chemistry and Crystallography. It has 1000 monographs and 105 periodic publication and, at present, subscribes to 60 periodical journals.

    The library is open to all ICMAB staff and other CSIC personnel and also other Research or Academic Centres dependent upon official organisms.

    Reading Room, access to own and external catalogues, base data searches, inter-library borrowing , personal borrowing.

    Alejandro Santos Botana asantos@icmab.es

  • Knowledge Transfer Unit

    The ICMAB´s Technology Transfer Unit was created on November 1997. Its mission is to collaborate with the ICMAB´s Managing Direction in the activities for the transference of the Centers research results with the aim of spreading and applying the scientific knowledge to the industry’s technological level improvement.


    • Susana Garelik
      Cap del Servei
    • Guillermo de Andrés


  • Workshop and Maintenance

    The Service of Shops and Maintenance is in charge of the maintenance and conservation of the building, of all its facilities and of the equipment. It works from the year 1991, when the Institute moved to the new Building. It is also responsible for the teams, materials and tools of the shops of the Center: mechanic, electronic and electric, that they are to the personnel's of the Institute disposition.

    Toni Pons
    Oriol Sabaté
    José Manuel Rodriguez
    José Ángel Algar
  • Strategic Managing Unit

    The Strategic Managing Unit at ICMAB is responsible for the implementation of the funding obtained by the Institute. It plays a key role supporting our researchers in the preparation, submission and reporting of local, national and European grants. In close collaboration with ICMAB’s governing bodies and the other available Units, it promotes a continuous development strategy to position ICMAB as one of the leading European Research Centres in Materials Science.

    Among its main objectives, the Unit is responsible for the constant search for new funding opportunities focusing on the strategic and innovation objectives of our Severo Ochoa award FUNMAT ("Functional Materials for Social Grand Challenges", 2016-2019) with the aim of enhancing ICMAB's scientific excellence.

    The Unit keeps always an open-minded approach to detect new opportunities for our researchers.

    Head of the Unit: Dr. Jorge Pérez
    Project Manager
    Montse Salas
    Montse Salas
    Project Managing Officer & Outreach Communication