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Dep: Nanostructured Materials



I obtained my Ph.D. in physics in 2008 from the Institute of Materials Science of Seville ICMS-CSIC. That same year, I was honored with a Beckman postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign (USA), which allowed me to collaborate with both prof. Paul A. Braun and John A. Rogers developing novel unconventional techniques to fabricate photonic architectures compatible with current mass production processes. In 2011, I moved to ICFO with an ICFONEST postdoctoral fellowship (Marie Curie COFUND action), where I joined the group of Prof. Konstantatos to learn about solar cells based in colloidal quantum dots. In March 2014, I obtained the Martí Franqués Fellowship offered by the University Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona. Under the scope of this fellowship, I acted as principal investigator, managing students and applying for funding for my own research. In 2015, I moved to the the institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB) with a Ramon y Cajal Fellowship and an ERC Starting Grant and became a tenured researcher in 2018.


At ICMAB my research group is looking at designing and fabricating large area and low cost photonic architectures that can be implemented in emerging optoelectronic devices to improve their performance.


Research interest

My research relies in unconventional nanofabrication to produce photonic architectures with exciting optical properties easily incorporated into large area devices. We have the capabilities to design photonic nanostructures for each device type using current numerical simulation tools. We combine soft nanolithography, transfer printing and industry compatible fabrication approaches to integrate the architectures as part of the optoelectronic devices. Finally, we characterize optically and electrically the enhanced prototypes employing state of the art spectroscopic equipment.


Check out the website of my ERC Project to know more:




University Degrees

Degree in Physics by the University of Valencia


Doctorate, University and Year:

PhD in Physics by the University of Seville - Institute of Materials Science of Seville ICMS - CSIC


Photonic crystals, plasmonics, nanoimprinting lithography, solar cells, thin films and SERS


      •         2018 Tenured Scientist at CSIC

•         2016 Highlighted as one of the Emerging Investigators 2016 for the Journal of Materials Chemistry C  (editorial RSC)

        2015 Ramón y Cajal fellow 2014

         2014-:     ERC Starting Grant 2014

         2014-2015:             Beca Postdoctoral Martí-Franqués (profile Starting Grant) Universidad Rovira I Virgili deTarragona. (1 posición por convocatoria). http://www.urv.cat/recerca_innovacio/programes/urv/programa_marti_franques/2013/contractepostdoctoral/en_postdoc-index.html

         2011-2014:             Beca Postdoctoral ICFONest otorgada por el Instituto de Ciencias Fotónicas (ICFO) en Barcelona y  parcialmente financiada por el programa Marie Curie COFUND from the European Commission. (Convocatoria Mayo 2011: 1 posición y 30 candidatos).         http://nestpostdocs.icfo.es/

         2008-2011              Beca Postdoctoral Beckman otorgada por el Instituto Beckman de la Universidad de Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA). (4 posiciones cada año, correspondientes a cada área de investigación del centro (Materials Science, Psychology, Computer Science & Biology).                      http://www.beckman.illinois.edu/fellows/postdoc.aspx


Number Articles: 40
Number Citations: 2112
Hfactor: 24

Scientific Highlights

Dr. Mihi´s scientific career is endorsed by 43 publications which sum 2112 cites, with an h-index of 24, according to the Web of Science. Some of his publications include:

13 Advanced Materials , 2 ACSNano , 1 Nature Nanotechnology , 1 Nature Photonics, 1 Nature Communications, 1 Angewandte Chemie , 1 Nanoletters (, 2 Advanced Optical Materials, 1 Advanced Functional Materials , 1 Small,  



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