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Boloix Amenos

Contact Data

Phone: + 34 935 801 853
Ext: 253
Fax: + 34 935 805 729
E-mail: [javascript protected email address]


Ariadna Boloix Amenós finished her degree in Pharmacy in the University of Barcelona (UB) in 2013. After that, she did the Biomedicine’s Master in the UB. In 2015, she started working at Vall d’Hebron Research Insitute (VHIR) as a pre-doctoral researcher. Nowadays, she is doing her PhD, in collaboration between VHIR and Institut de Ciència de Materials (ICMAB-CSIC) in Barcelona, supervised by Dr. Miguel F. Segura and Dra. Nora Ventosa.  

Research interest

Ariadna Boloix Amenós is doing her PhD on the design and synthesis of Quatsomes as a new delivery system for microRNAs administration. This work ranges from basic research to clinical research in order to find out a novel treatment for neuroblastoma, a paediatric cancer of the nervous system.


University Degrees

Pharmacy, 2013, Universitat de Barcelona

Doctorate, University and Year:

PhD in Biochemstry, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). 2015-in progress,  Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona and Vall d’Hebron Research Insitute (VHIR)


  •        Nanostructures and nanomaterials
  •        Synthesis and materials processing
  •        Organic molecular materials
  •         microRNAs
  •         Paediatric Oncology

Most significative academic merits

  • Oral presentation in XIII Jornadas Científicas del Departamento de Bioquímica y Biología. Facultad de Biociencias (UAB). Quatsomes as novel nanomaterial-platform for the treatment of high-risk pediatric tumors of the nervous system. Boloix A, Grimaldi N, Muñoz M, Soriano A, Masanas M, París-Coderch L, Roma J, Sala S, Veciana J, Sánchez de Toledo J, Gallego S, Ventosa N, Segura MF. 2016.
  • Poster presentation in 9a Jornada Científica del Instituto de Investigación de la Vall d’Hebrón (VHIR). Functional high-throughput microRNA screening reveals new microRNAs with therapeutic potential against chemoresistant Neuroblastoma. Boloix A, Soriano A, Masanas M, París- Coderch L, Jubierre L, Almazán- Moga A; Roma J, Sánchez de Toledo J, Gallego S, Segura MF. 2015.


Number Articles: 1

Scientific Highlights

  • Nuevas estrategias terapéuticas para el Neuroblastoma basadas en el uso de microRNAs. Boloix A, París-Coderch L, Soriano A, Roma J, Gallego S, Sánchez de Toledo J, Segura MF,. An Peditr (Bcn). 2015. Aug 28. pii: S1695-4033(15)00295-7.
  • Functional high-troughput screening reveals miR-323a-5p and miR-342-5p as tumor-suppressive microRNAs in neuroblastonma. Soriano A, Masanas M, Boloix A, Masiá N, París-Coderch L, Piskareva O, Jiménez C, Henrich KO, Roma J, Sánchez de Toledo J, Westermann F, Stallings RL, Gallego S,  Santamaria A, Segura MF. Manuscript in preparation. 2017. 


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