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Business Development and Knowledge and Technology Transfer at IREC

The IREC is looking for a "Head of the area of Business Development and Knowledge and Technology Transfer". Click here to see the offer. 

Code: IREC A300-1: Head of the area.
Area: Business Development and Knowledge and Technology Transfer.
Director of Institute: Prof. Dr. Joan Ramon Morante

Area objectives:

  • Institutional strengthening.
  • Identification and assessment of technologies with commercial potential from IREC Research disruptive results.
  • Protection of technologies with commercial potential, through a specific and well defined IP strategy. Promotion of the innovative products and initiatives.
  • Marketing and transfer of knowledge, patents and know-how through licensing agreements with industry and the promotion and creation of spin-off companies.
  • Business Development: Promotion of collaborations between the industry and IREC. Public and private call analyses and active promotion of the IREC participation.
  • Commercial and scientific consultancy services.
  • International and national collaborations, coordination of IREC participations in organizations, associations, institutions, platforms and partnering and other networking events.

Position: Head of the area of Business Development and Knowledge and Technology Transfer.

Personal Skills:

  • Leadership and team worker capacity
  • Expertise in research, development and innovation impact evaluation.
  • Skills in industrial property protection.
  • Expertise in the energy industrial and business related sectors.
  • Experience and knowledge of the RDI public and private programs structures at national, European and international level.
  • Organization and initiative capacities
  • Skills in marketing, dissemination and outreach.
  • Recommended Catalan, Spanish and English fluent languages.


  • Minimum formation degree: graduate or engineer.
  • Previous management experience duly justified.
  • Active participation in scientific, development and innovation team projects.
Candidacy: send the CV, a motivation letter, recommendations letters and confidential work plan proposal to Prof. Dr. Joan R. Morante (jrmorante@irec.cat) indicating in the subject of the e-mail IREC: Area300-1
Deadline: 17 May 2018 at 17:00 hours.
Starting date: As soon as possible.
Duration of contract: indefinite labor contract with trial period according legislation.
Salary & income: According to the professional merits, formation, expertise and skills and strategic proposal and acceptance negotiation.

Evaluation of candidates: Evaluation will be done for a specific jury named by IREC and personal interview and defense of the program in front of the evaluation commission should be considered.

Additional information: Please contact with Prof. Dr. J.R. Morante (jrmorante@irec.cat) or HHRR of IREC (ftorregrosa@irec.cat).

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