CNIO, 15 NOV: #100xCiencia.3 Meeting: Bridging Science and Society

CNIO, 15 NOV: #100xCiencia.3 Meeting: Bridging Science and Society

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100xCiencia.3 is the successor to last year's 100xCiencia.2, which was devoted to "Co-creating value" and Technology Transfer, and the 2015 first 100xCiencia on "Comunicating Frontier Science". The subject of this year’s event, "Bridging Science and Society" will underscore the importance of scientific education, citizen science and the participation of society in the present and future of science.

The 100xCiencia.3, co-organized by CNIO and SOMMa, will gather together SOMMa members and other attendees to share ongoing projects on science education, citizen science and public engagement that can encourage society and us to continue working together. Different stakeholders relevant for science and society will participate in roundtables focused on timely and important topics.

The challenges and opportunities offered by citizen science and science education will be discussed over three different round tables (see whole Agenda here):

  • The media as channeling agents for science
  • Scientists and science policy together for society
  • Scientific empowerment of society

100xCiencia.3 will have Dr. Robert Huber, 1988 Chemistry Nobel Prize, as keynote speaker, to start the event on a high note with an exciting talk on "The century of vision: Protein structures for drug research".

Both SOMMa and external partners members are welcome to register to attend the meeting (register here).

Only registered participants are eligible to submit an abstract for an oral presentation (8-min) or poster, on the following subjects:

  • Science Education Initiatives
  • Citizen Science and Public Engagement Initiatives

Stay tuned for upcoming news! 

Abstract submission deadline: October 18, 2018
Registration deadline: November 2, 2018

SOMMa General Assembly

On November 16, 3028, from 9 am to 2 pm, the General Assembly of the SOMMa will take place. Several topics will be discussed, including the expectations of the SO and MM programmes. Other relevant topics will be revision of past actions, next steps in science policy, and sustainability of the alliance. We invite all SOMMa Directors or its representative to attend the meeting. 

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