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... 597 Ll. Casas, A. Roig, E. Molins, J.M. Grenèche, J. Asenjo and J. Tejada   92.- Synthesis, Characterization, and Electrical Properties of the Series of Oxides Ag5Pb2- xCuxO6 (0.0=x=0.5) Journal of Solid  ...


... baleta; M. Jaafar; P. Abella¿n; C. Monto¿n; O. Iglesias-Freire; F. Sandiumenge; C. A. Ramos; R. D. Zysler; T. Puig; A. Asenjo; N. Mestres; X. Obradors Nanoscale magnetic structure and properties of s ...


...  47.     Vlasin, O; Pascu, O; Roig, A; Herranz, G Expanding Effective-Medium Theory to Optical Diamagnetic Responses in Magnetoplasmonic Colloids (2014) Physical Review Applied, 2 (5), 54003 4 ...


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