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... 235 Pages: 29-33 DOI: 10.1016/j.synthmet.2017.11.007 Published: JAN 2018 Asymmetric Choreography in Pairs of Orthogonal Rotors Author(s): Rodriguez-Fortea, A (Rodriguez-Fortea, Antonio); Kaleta, J (Kaleta, ...


... G; Amorim, D; Amstutz, O; Anderlini, L; Andreazza, A; Andreini, M; Andriatis, A; Andris, C; Andronic, A; Angelucci, M; Antinori, F; Antipov, SA; Antonelli, M; Antonello, M; Antonioli, P; Antusch, S; Anulli, ...


... Advanced Materials, 28 (14), pp. 2782-2789 Lopez-Varo, Pilar; Bertoluzzi, Luca; Bisquert, Juan; Alexe, Marin; Coll, Mariona; Huang, Jinsong; Antonio Jimenez-Tejada, Juan; Kirchartz, Thomas; Nechache, ...


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