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... ters of crystallographically aligned nanoparticles for magnetic thermotherapy: aqueous ferrofluid, agarose phantoms and ex vivo melanoma tumour assessment Coral, DF; Soto, PA; Blank, V; Veiga, A; Spin ...


untitled * h1 a .p, p .s1 h2 .s2 .s3 .s4 .s5 .s6 .s7 .s8 Articles in journals, 2005 A.- THEORETICAL PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY: MODELLING AND SIMULATION OF MATERIALS ...


... z; Coral, D. F.; Yu, S.; Munoz, G. A.; Sancheza, F. H.; Roig, A. Anticipating hyperthermic efficiency of magnetic colloids using a semi-empirical model: a tool to help medical decisions (2017), Physi ...


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