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... ebled, J.M.; Arbelo, E.; Rigato, F.; Jourdan, M.; Peir, F.; Fontcuberta, J. Electric transport through nanometric CoFe2O4 thin films investigated by conducting atomic force microscopy (2012) Journal of  ...


...  S.; Blasco, J.; Feyerherm, R.; Dudzik, E.; Abrudan, R.; Radu, F. Valence transition in (Pr,Ca)CoO3 cobaltites: Charge migration at the metal-insulator transition (2011) Physical Review B - Condens ...


... f Solid State Chemistry, 213, pp. 152-157 143. Nava-Avendano, J; Palacín, MR; Oró-Solé, J; Ponrouch, A; Tarascon, JM; Recham, N High temperature electrochemical performance of hydrothermally pr ...