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... essure dependence of optical-phonon transverse-effective charges and linewidths in wurtzite InN Reparaz, JS; da Silva, KP; Romero, AH; Serrano, J; Wagner, MR; Callsen, G; Choi, SJ; Speck, JS; Goni, AR P ...


... ica, N; Kirste, R; Goñi, AR; Wagner, MR; Callsen, G; Alonso, MI; Garriga, M; Marcus, IC; Ronda, A; Berbezier, I; Maultzsch, J; Thomsen, C; Hoffmann, A Probing local strain and composition in Ge nanowires by m ...


...   Goñi, AR; Kaess, F; Reparaz, JS; Alonso, MI; Garriga, M; Callsen, G; Wagner, MR; Hoffmann, A; Sitar, Z Dependence on pressure of the refractive indices of wurtzite ZnO, GaN, and AlN (2014) Physical R ...


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