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Fanmao Li

... . Mariano Campoy-Quiles, Department of Nanostructured Materials for Optoelectronics and Energy Harvesting, Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona, Bellaterra, Spain Vocal: Dr. Ingrid Cañero Infante, Départeme ...

Polarons Drive a Magneto-Optical Effect

A surprisingly large magneto-optical response occurs when mobile electrons in a cooled material become trapped by their interaction with the surrounding lattice. Data storage, sensing, and waveguiding ...


...  by Shape Anisotropy (2016) Small, 12 (43), pp. 5981-5988 88.  Casals, Blai; Cichelero, Rafael; Garcia Fernandez, Pablo; Junquera, Javier; Pesquera, David; Campoy-Quiles, Mariano; Infante, Ingrid C. ...


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