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... 2), 024102 Also included in line 4.2 22.   Serrao, CR; Liu, J; Heron, JT; Singh-Bhalla, G; Yadav, A; Suresha, SJ; Paull, RJ; Yi, D; Chu, JH; Trassin, M; Vishwanath, A; Arenholz, E; Frontera, C; Žele ...


... magnetic structure at the domain walls of an epitaxial oxide (2014) Nature, 515 (7527), pp. 379-383 Also included in line 4.2 2.         Heron, JT; Bosse, JL; He, Q; Gao, Y; Trassin, M; Ye,  ...


... , M.; Wu, J.; Christen, H. M.; Heron, J. T.; Schlom, D. G.; Salahuddin, S.; Kioussis, N.; Font Hidden Magnetic States Emergent Under Electric Field, in a Room Temperature Composite Magnetoelectric Multiferro ...


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