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A year in review: ICMAB most cited articles of 2018

... , Inhar; Carne-Sanchez, Arnau; Angel Pariente, Jose; Tasios, Nikos; Perez-Carvajal, Javier; Isabel Alonso, Maria; Blanco, Alvaro; Dijkstra, Marjolein; Lopez, Cefe; Maspoch, Daniel Nature Chemistry, 201 ...


... Imaz, I (Imaz, Inhar); Carne-Sanchez, A (Carne-Sanchez, Arnau); Pariente, JA (Angel Pariente, Jose); Tasios, N (Tasios, Nikos); Perez-Carvajal, J (Perez-Carvajal, Javier); Alonso, MI (Isabel Alonso, Maria); ...


...  57.  Genc, Aziz; Patarroyo, Javier; Sancho-Parramon, Jordi; Duchamp, Martial; Gonzalez, Edgar; Bastus, Neus G.; Houben, Lothar; Dunin-Borkowski, Rafal; Puntes, Victor F.; Arbiol, Jordi Hollow metal ...


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