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...  from the Visible to the Near-Infrared Author(s): Molet, P (Molet, Pau); Garcia-Pomar, JL (Luis Garcia-Pomar, Juan); Matricardi, C (Matricardi, Cristiano); Garriga, M (Garriga, Miquel); Alonso, MI (Isabe ...


... . Fonseca, A.P. Pêgo and N. Casañ-Pastor Neural cell growth on TiO2 anatase nanostructured surfaces Thin Solid Films, 518 (1), (2009), pp. 160-170 172.-  A. Mugarza, T.K. Shimizu, D.F. Ogletr ...


... Advanced Materials, 28 (14), pp. 2782-2789 Lopez-Varo, Pilar; Bertoluzzi, Luca; Bisquert, Juan; Alexe, Marin; Coll, Mariona; Huang, Jinsong; Antonio Jimenez-Tejada, Juan; Kirchartz, Thomas; Nechache, ...


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