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Integrin-Assisted T-Cell Activation on Nanostructured Hydrogels

Judith Guasch*, Christine A. Muth, Jennifer Diemer, Hossein Riahinezhad, and Joachim P. Spatz. Nano Lett., DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.7b02636 Adoptive cell therapy (ACT) has shown very promising results ...


...  Gutiérrez - RL2 Ferran Macià - RL3 J. L. Garcia Muñoz - RL3 Núria Crivillers - RL4 Judith Guasch - RL5 Stefania Sandoval - RL5 Recruitment MEMBERS Esther Barrena Gervasi Herranz Narcí ...


... precursor for homogeneous Co3O4 coatings by atomic layer deposition (2017), Dalton Transactions, 46 (38), pp. 12996-13001 Also included in RL3 32.  Casan-Pastor, Nieves; Rius, Jordi; Vallcorba, Oriol ...


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