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... as the only magnetic element Author(s): Lopez-Mir, L (Lopez-Mir, L.); Frontera, C (Frontera, C.); Aramberri, H (Aramberri, H.); Bouzehouane, K (Bouzehouane, K.); Cisneros-Fernandez, J (Cisneros-Fernandez, ...


... Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 109, (2005), pp. 6532-6539 18.- E.M. Fernández, P. Ordejón and L.C. Balbás Theoretical study of O2 and CO adsorption on Aun clusters (n=5-10) Chemical Physics Letters, ...


...  of Conjugated Polymer Spherulites and Its Application in Detectors (2017), Advanced Optical Materials, 5 (19), 1700276 13.  Pinto, Alexandre; Griera, Rosa; Molins, Elies; Fernandez, Israel; Bosch ...


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