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... , N. Mestres, P. Vennegues and J. Stoemenos   177.- Faster acquisition of structure-factor amplitudes in surface X-ray diffraction experiments Journal of Applied Crystallography, 37, (2004), pp. 395-398 ...


untitled * h1 a .p, p .s1 h2 .s2 .s3 .s4 .s5 .s6 .s7 .s8 Articles in journals, 2005 A.- THEORETICAL PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY: MODELLING AND SIMULATION OF MATERIALS ...


... Ducu Au cluster growth on ZnO thin films by pulsed laser deposition Applied Surface Science, 252 (13), (2006), pp. 4429-4432 23.-        A. Pérez-Tomás, N. Mestres, P. Godignon, J. Montserrat an ...


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