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... ctivity in a flexible, cross-linked, ultramicroporous magnesium tetraphosphonate hybrid framework (2012) Inorganic Chemistry, 51, pp. 7689-7698 169. De Pedro, I.; Rojo, J.M.; Rius, J.; Vallcorba, O.;  ...


...  Junquera, J; Blanco, JA; Gonzalez, JA; Fernandez-Diaz, MT; Rius, J; Dupont, J; Fernandez, JR; de Pedro, I A Magnetic Ionic Liquid Based on Tetrachloroferrate Exhibits Three-Dimensional Magnetic Orderi ...


...  AP; Gyorgy, E; Logofatu, C; Puigmarti-Luis, J; Gao, W Laser-induced chemical transformation of graphene oxide-iron oxide nanoparticles composites deposited on polymer substrates (2015) Carbon, 93, pp. ...


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