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"A network of science: 150 years of Nature papers"

...  Sans, JA; Monteseguro, V; Garbarino, G; Gich, M; Cerantola, V; Cuartero, V; Monte, M; Irifune, T; Munoz, A; Popescu, C NATURE COMMUNICATIONS  2018, 9 Structure of a model TiO2 photocatalytic interfac ...

A new iron oxide polymorph found at high pressures

... s, J. A. Monteseguro, V., Garbarino, G.  Gich, M. Cerantola, V., Cuartero, V. Monte, M., Irifune, T., Muñoz, A., Popescu, C., Stability and nature of the volume collapse of ε-Fe2O3 under extreme conditio ...


... lished: NOV 2018 Document type: Article; Proceedings Paper DOI: 10.1007/s10909-018-1936-x Stability and nature of the volume collapse of epsilon-Fe2O3 under extreme conditions Sans, JA; Monteseguro, V; Ga ...


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