Title Created Date
The exhibition "Científiques Catalanes 2.0" coordinated by the ACCC starts its tour on #11F2020 10 February 2020
Move your technology from lab to market with CRAASH BARCELONA 05 February 2020
"La ciencia según Forges" at the CSIC Residència d'Investigadors in Barcelona 29 January 2020
Bordeaux, 17-20 MAY 2020: 18th European Meeting on Supercritical Fluids 07 January 2020
"A network of science: 150 years of Nature papers" 09 December 2019
BCN, 4-7 FEB 2020: GoNano Winter School "Creating Social Value with Nanotechnology" 20 November 2019
Madrid, 29-31 JAN 2020: #NALS2020 2nd International Conference on Nanomaterials Applied to Life Sciences 19 November 2019
CosmoCaixa, 9 NOV 2019: BCNspiracy is back in its third edition! 05 November 2019
"Química i Cel·luloide": Cinema and Science at the CSIC "Residència d'Investigadors" 30 September 2019
27 SEPT 2019: Global Climate Strike 27 September 2019
Postdoctoral position at the LMGP Laboratory in Grenoble 25 September 2019
Open Calls for several scientific awards! PhD Thesis, Research projects... Go for it! 13 September 2019
Valencia, 21-24 OCT 2019: FGCSIC "Curso Buenas Prácticas Científicas" 12 September 2019
Open Call for the "Ideas Generation Programme" on Smart Food 09 September 2019
IEC, 18 SEPT 2019: "La Física dona. La dona física" SCF Opening Conference 2019-2020 04 September 2019
Participate in the contest of scientific monologues for the Science Week 02 September 2019
Personal obituary for Massimo Marezio, from Xavier Obradors 01 July 2019
The 2019 Journal Citation Reports #JCR is here! 21 June 2019
Since 20 May 2019 our measurements are attached to nature constants 03 June 2019
European companies and inventors file more patent applications in 2018. CSIC is number one in Spain. 21 May 2019
Henkel-UAB postdoc programme 2019 - Polymer/Organic Chemistry 15 May 2019
"Physics Viewpoint: Yes, Sexual Harassment Still Drives Women Out of Physics" 29 April 2019
Barcelona, 1-5 JUL 2019: Barcelona Science and Technology Diplomacy Summer School 26 April 2019
Paris, 5-12 JUL 2019: 50th General Assembly & 47th IUPAC World Chemistry Congress 25 April 2019
Burgos, 9-11 OCT 2019: Congreso de Comunicación Social de la Ciencia 23 April 2019
Barcelona, 11 April: Presentation of the AEAC (Spanish Associacion for the Advancement of Science) 26 March 2019
DTIC-UPF, 8 April 2019: Open Science Day SOMM Alliance 26 March 2019
Open Call for the Programme "Generació d'Idees" on Biomed and Insustrial Biotech 11 March 2019
Post-Doctoral Research Associate for the Coherent Soft X-ray Scattering (CSX) beamline in Brookhaven National Laboratory 01 January 2019
RMIT Europe, 7 March 2019: GoNano Innovation and Co-Creation Workshop: Nanotechnology for Energy 20 February 2019
Jan-March 2019: "Dilluns de ciència: Canvis energètics en favor del clima" 05 February 2019
Enantia is looking for a Project Leader in the field of Solid State Analysis 15 February 2019
FOTCIENCIA16: Send your scientific photo before 8 Feb 2019! 20 December 2018
UB, 4 Feb 2019: Jornada d'Investigadors Predoctorals Interdisciplinària 14 December 2018
Oxolutia: to the kilometer length superconducting tapes 14 December 2018
#100xCiencia3 meeting: Society must be more involved in science. And vice versa. 23 November 2018
Barcelona, 20-22 NOV 2018: NanoBio&Med Conference 2018 14 November 2018
UAB, 15 NOV: Past, present and future of nanotechnology: a debate 14 November 2018
San Sebastian, 13-15 Feb 2019: nanoGUNE Winter School 2019 10 November 2018
Congratulations to UABDIVULGA, Premi Nacional de Comunicació Científica 16 October 2018
2018-10-9: Happy #NationalNanotechnologyDay! 09 October 2018
CNIO, 15 NOV: #100xCiencia.3 Meeting: Bridging Science and Society 05 October 2018
Postdoc position in GEMaC lab in Versailles: Large surface Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) of functional perovskite oxides 14 September 2018
Postdoc position in natural photonics at INL, Braga-Portugal 22 August 2018
7 PhD positions at Univ. Grenoble Alpes in Quantum Technologies 03 August 2018
Job Offer at IFW Dresden: Junior Research Group Leader in "Applications of unconventional superconductors" 03 August 2018
Principal Beamline Scientist position at Diamond Light Source, UK 01 June 2018
Open PhD position at Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) in Grenoble: Spin-crossover molecular-based materials for efficient carbon capture and release 01 April 2018
University of Cambridge: Research Assistant/Associate in Portable High Field Magnet Systems (Fixed Term) 01 April 2018
PhD candidates wanted for a project on "Architectured & Flexible Structure for Building Integrated Photovoltaics" - IDEX project, Grenoble 01 April 2018
Business Development and Knowledge and Technology Transfer at IREC 01 April 2018
University of Cambridge: Research Assistant/Associate in Bulk Superconductors for Biomedical Applications (Fixed Term) 20 April 2018
Postdoctoral position on Theoretical and Computational Modelling at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) 19 March 2018
Job offer: Nano Research Fellow at RMIT Europe 02 February 2018
Predoctoral Researcher – Magnetorheological fluids 01 September 2017
Junior Communication Officer for the launch of the Spanish Network of Centers of Excellence in Research 01 August 2017
Anticipated Postdoctoral Position Available in Magnetic Materials 01 August 2017
Post-Doctoral Researcher or Research Scientist 01 August 2017
PostDoc position on Electron Microscopy at CNR-IOM (Trieste, Italy) 01 June 2017
20 PhD positions within the Quantum Engineering Grenoble doctoral program 01 June 2017
Postdoc position in Henkel-UAB 2017 16 May 2017
Oferta de trabajo en el difractómetro DIB del ILL 05 April 2017
Offer for a position as the director of UAM technical services 02 April 2017
PhD position ILL & ISTerre, Grenoble, France 13 March 2017
Ph.D. thesis position Energetics / chemical-engineering thermodynamics 01 March 2017
Thesis position (with a scholarship) focused on Pulsed Laser Deposition and Atomic Force Microscopy 01 March 2017
Open postdoctoral experts in electron microscopy and magnetism 01 February 2017
10 PhD-positions at SwedNess, a new graduate school for neutron scattering in Sweden 11 December 2016
El PRUAB busca un project manager per a la Unitat de Projectes col·laboratius 07 November 2016
Apply now for exciting PhD positions in ultrafast science at IMPRS-UFAST! 25 October 2016
PSI-FELLOW-II-3i / Postdoctoral Fellows 17 October 2016
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Theoretical Condensed Matter Theory 12 October 2016
Ph. D. position as part of a European Industrial Doctorate (EID) grant by Deutsche Nanoschicht GmbH (Rheinbach, DE) and Ghent University (Ghent, BE) 27 September 2016
Ph. D. position as part of a European Industrial Doctorate (EID) grant by Ghent University (Ghent, BE) and Deutsche Nanoschicht GmbH (Rheinbach, DE) 27 September 2016
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics invites applications for postdoctoral positions 16 September 2016
Grupos de investigación españoles, laboratorios y doctorandos pueden presentarse para recibir en su grupo a una becaria/o alemán, que participará como asistente en el proyecto propuesto en verano de 2017 16 September 2016
71 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowships in Ireland 16 September 2016
ESS Bilbao tiene plazas pendientes de cubrir para científicos (teóricos y experimentales) 01 September 2016
Ovshinsky Student Travel Awards 01 September 2016
PostDoc position in electron microscopy 14 June 2016
Investigador Profesor Postdoctoral UAB 20 April 2016


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