Title Created Date
Nitro-graphene oxide in iridium oxide hybrids: electrochemical modulation of N-graphene redox states and charge capacities 10 March 2020
Magneto-ionic control of magnetism in two-oxide nanocomposite thin films comprising mesoporous cobalt ferrite conformally nanocoated with HfO2 10 March 2020
Phase Diagram of Methylammonium/Formamidinium Lead Iodide Perovskite Solid Solutions from Temperature-Dependent Photoluminescence and Raman Spectroscopies 20 February 2020
Efficient Exploration of the Composition Space in Ternary Organic Solar Cells by Combining High‐Throughput Material Libraries and Hyperspectral Imaging 14 February 2020
Achievements, Challenges, and Prospects of Calcium Batteries 21 January 2020
Narrow linewidth quantum emitters in electron-beam shaped polymer 14 January 2020
Methods and Protocols for Reliable Electrochemical Testing in Post-Li Batteries (Na, K, Mg, and Ca) 10 January 2020
Electrochemical Reduction of Undoped and Cobalt-Doped BiFeO3 Induced by Water Exposure: Quantitative Determination of Reduction Potentials and Defect Energy Levels Using Photoelectron Spectroscopy 31 December 2019
Solar Harvesting: a Unique Opportunity for Organic Thermoelectrics? 09 December 2019
Spontaneous cationic ordering in chemical-solution-grown La2CoMnO6 double perovskite thin films 11 October 2019
Energy Transfer and Interference by Collective Electromagnetic Coupling 17 September 2019
Ferroelectricity-free lead halide perovskites 23 August 2019
On the impact of the stress situation on the optical properties of WSe2 monolayers under high pressure 01 August 2019
Nanostructured Back Reflectors for Efficient Colloidal Quantum‐Dot Infrared Optoelectronics 30 July 2019
Assembly-Induced Bright-Light Emission from Solution-Processed Platinum(II) Inorganic Polymers 16 July 2019
Role of Manganese in Lithium- and Manganese-Rich Layered Oxides Cathodes 05 July 2019
Electric field gradients and bipolar electrochemistry effects on neural growth: A finite element study on immersed electroactive conducting electrode materials 21 June 2019
On the Study of Ca and Mg Deintercalation from Ternary Tantalum Nitrides 18 June 2019
Equal Footing of Thermal Expansion and Electron–Phonon Interaction in the Temperature Dependence of Lead Halide Perovskite Band Gaps 07 June 2019
Solvent-Assisted Self-Assembly of Gold Nanorods into Hierarchically Organized Plasmonic Mesostructures 07 May 2019
Geometric frustration in ordered lattices of plasmonic nanoelements 30 April 2019
Band Gap Tuning of Solution-Processed Ferroelectric Perovskite BiFe1–xCoxO3 Thin Films 19 April 2019
Thermoelectrics: From history, a window to the future 29 March 2019
Farming thermoelectric paper 22 March 2019
Tunable index metamaterials made by bottom-up approaches 08 February 2019
Localized thinning for strain concentration in suspended germanium membranes and optical method for precise thickness measurement 05 February 2019
The nickel battery positive electrode revisited: stability and structure of the β-NiOOH phase 18 January 2019
High‐Throughput Multiparametric Screening of Solution Processed Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells 20 December 2018
Pressure-Induced Locking of Methylammonium Cations versus Amorphization in Hybrid Lead Iodide Perovskites 12 December 2018
Comparative study of the pressure dependence of optical-phonon transverse-effective charges and linewidths in wurtzite InN 30 November 2018
Preparation and photocatalytic activity of Au/TiO2 lyogels for hydrogen production 20 November 2018
Electrochemical Tuning of Metal Insulator Transition and Nonvolatile Resistive Switching in Superconducting Films 13 November 2018
Carborane‐BODIPY Dyads: New Photoluminescent Materials through an Efficient Heck Coupling 09 November 2018
A water-processable cellulose-based resist for advanced nanofabrication 26 October 2018
Using polyoxometalates to enhance the capacity of lithium–oxygen batteries 09 October 2018
Reactive laser synthesis of nitrogen-doped hybrid graphene-based electrodes for energy storage 25 September 2018
Strain Tuning of the Anisotropy in the Optoelectronic Properties of TiS3 18 September 2018
Gold Nanoparticle Plasmonic Superlattices as Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Substrates 12 September 2018
An Unprecedented Stimuli‐Controlled Single‐Crystal Reversible Phase Transition of a Metal–Organic Framework and Its Application to a Novel Method of Guest Encapsulation 22 June 2018
Understanding ageing in Li-ion batteries: a chemical issue 08 June 2018
Angular flux creep contributions in YBa2Cu3O7−δ nanocomposites from electrical transport measurements 05 June 2018
Fast and Simple Microwave Synthesis of TiO2/Au Nanoparticles for Gas-Phase Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation 18 May 2018
Hydroxypropyl cellulose photonic architectures by soft nanoimprinting lithography 24 April 2018
Disentangling vortex pinning landscape in chemical solution deposited superconducting YBa2Cu3O7−x films and nanocomposites 06 April 2018
Topological distribution of reversible and non-reversible degradation in perovskite solar cells 02 April 2018
New rare earth hafnium oxynitride perovskites with photocatalytic activity in water oxidation and reduction 09 March 2018
Tunable Self-Assembly of YF3 Nanoparticles by Citrate-Mediated Ionic Bridges 02 March 2018
Ultrathin Semiconductor Superabsorbers from the Visible to the Near-Infrared 20 February 2018
Tailoring oxygen redox reactions in ionic liquid based Li/O2 batteries by means of the Li+ dopant concentration 16 February 2018
Synthesis of graphene-based photocatalysts for water splitting by laser-induced doping with ionic liquids 30 January 2018
Tailored metallacarboranes as mediators for boosting the stability of carbon-based aqueous supercapacitors 12 January 2018
Au/TiO2 Lyogels for Hydrogen Production 13 December 2017
Fluorescent carborane–vinylstilbene functionalised octasilsesquioxanes: synthesis, structural, thermal and photophysical properties 15 November 2017
Competition between Polar and Nonpolar Lattice Distortions in Oxide Quantum Wells: New Critical Thickness at Polar Interfaces 14 September 2017
Quantifying local thickness and composition in thin films of organic photovoltaic blends by Raman scattering 07 September 2017
Bottom-up approach for the preparation of hybrid nanosheets based on coordination polymers made of metal–diethyloxaloacetate complexes linked by 4,4′-bipyridine 30 August 2017
Polymer: Fullerene Bimolecular Crystals for Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Photodetectors 29 July 2017
Probing localized strain in solution-derived YBa2Cu3O7−δ nanocomposite thin films 22 July 2017
Anisotropic features in the electronic structure of the two-dimensional transition metal trichalcogenide TiS3: electron doping and plasmons 03 July 2017
Hybrid YBa2Cu3O7 Superconducting–Ferromagnetic Nanocomposite Thin Films Prepared from Colloidal Chemical Solutions 23 June 2017
Control of Polymorphism and Morphology in Solution Sheared Organic Field-Effect Transistors 19 June 2017
ALBA synchrotron enlightens the way sodium-oxygen batteries discharge 07 June 2017
Untangling surface oxygen exchange effects in YBa2Cu3O6+x thin films by electrical conductivity relaxation 01 June 2017
Ag2Cu3Cr2O8(OH)4: a new bidimensional silver–copper mixed-oxyhydroxide with in-plane ferromagnetic coupling 17 February 2017
High performing solution-coated electrolyte-gated organic field-effect transistors for aqueous media operation 13 February 2017
Unveiling the Nucleation and Coarsening Mechanisms of Solution-Derived Self-Assembled Epitaxial Ce0.9Gd0.1O2–y Nanostructures 06 February 2017
Dynamic disorder, phonon lifetimes, and the assignment of modes to the vibrational spectra of methylammonium lead halide perovskites 23 January 2017
Tuning and enhancement of the Mizoroki–Heck reaction using polarized Pd nanocomposite carbon aerogels 01 January 2017
Switchable Surface Hydrophobicity–Hydrophilicity of a Metal–Organic Framework 12 December 2016
Superconducting YBa2Cu3O7–δ Nanocomposites Using Preformed ZrO2 Nanocrystals: Growth Mechanisms and Vortex Pinning Properties 21 November 2016
Physical aspects of ferroelectric semiconductors for photovoltaic solar energy conversion 20 September 2016
Charged ‚versus Neutral Hydrogen-Bonded Complexes: Is There a Difference in the Nature of the Hydrogen Bonds? 29 August 2016
Binary supercritical CO2 solvent mixtures for the synthesis of 3D metal-organic frameworks 21 August 2016
Disentangling Epitaxial Growth Mechanisms of Solution Derived Functional Oxide Thin Films 27 July 2016
Comparative study of the field-induced and spontaneous AF2' multiferroic phases in MnWO4 and Mn0.90Co0.10WO4 within the magnetic symmetry framework 30 May 2016
Exploring the origin of high optical absorption in conjugated polymers 17 May 2016
A silica-based magnetic platform decorated with mixed ligand gold nanoparticles: a recyclable catalyst for esterification reactions 05 April 2016
Emerging Diluted Ferromagnetism in High-Tc Superconductors Driven by Point Defect Clusters 29 March 2016
Understanding the effect of solvent vapor annealing on solution-processed A–D–A oligothiophene bulk-heterojunction solar cells: the role of alkyl side chains 17 February 2016
Photoinduced p- to n-type Switching in Thermoelectric Polymer-Carbon Nanotube Composites 11 February 2016
Why do batteries fail? 05 February 2016
Solution design for low-fluorine trifluoroacetate route to YBa2Cu3O7 films 20 January 2016
Quasiparticle spectra of 2H−NbSe2: Two-band superconductivity and the role of tunneling selectivity 14 January 2016
Organic radicals for the enhancement of oxygen reduction reaction in Li–O2 batteries 30 December 2015
Mass-transport Control on the Discharge Mechanism in Li–O2 Batteries Using Carbon Cathodes with Varied Porosity 28 December 2015
Epitaxial YBa2Cu3O7−x nanocomposite thin films from colloidal solutions 14 December 2015
Emission colour tuning through coupled N/La introduction in Sr2SiO4:Eu2+ 23 November 2015
Spatial Distributions of Discharged Products of Lithium–Oxygen Batteries Revealed by Synchrotron X-ray Transmission Microscopy 06 November 2015
Towards a calcium-based rechargeable battery 27 October 2015
Links between the Crystal and Electronic Structure in the New Family of Unconventional Superconductors A2Cr3As3 (A = K, Rb, Cs) 13 October 2015
Tunneling and electronic structure of the two-gap superconductor MgB2 13 October 2015
Metal oxynitrides as emerging materials with photocatalytic and electronic properties 14 September 2015
Reversible Hydration of CH3NH3PbI3 in Films, Single Crystals, and Solar Cells 30 August 2015
Operando UV-visible spectroscopy evidence of the reactions of iodide as redox mediator in Li–O2 batteries 26 August 2015
Noise energy harvesting in buckled BN nanoribbons from molecular dynamics 16 June 2015
Ultrafast Crystallization of Ce0.9Zr0.1O2–y Epitaxial Films on Flexible Technical Substrates by Pulsed Laser Irradiation of Chemical Solution Derived Precursor Layers 11 May 2015
Electroanalytical Assessment of Heavy Metals in Waters with Bismuth Nanoparticle-Porous Carbon Paste Electrodes 08 May 2015
Recent Achievements on Inorganic Electrode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries 04 March 2015
Red luminescence and ferromagnetism in europium oxynitridosilicates with a β-K2SO4 structure 02 February 2015
Resonant Infrared and Ultraviolet Matrix-Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation of Titanium Oxide/Graphene Oxide Composites: A Comparative Study 10 December 2014
Spectroscopic Evaluation of Mixing and Crystallinity of Fullerenes in Bulk Heterojunctions 06 October 2014
Synthesis, Structure, and Catalytic Applications for ortho- and meta-Carboranyl Based NBN Pincer-Pd Complexes 30 September 2014
Enhanced Thermal Oxidation Stability of Reduced Graphene Oxide by Nitrogen Doping 17 September 2014
Enhanced Thermal Oxidation Stability of Reduced Graphene Oxide by Nitrogen Doping 17 September 2014
Re-entrant layer reconstruction during intercalation in hafnium nitride chloride 03 August 2014
Spatial atmospheric atomic layer deposition: a new laboratory and industrial tool for low-cost photovoltaics 17 April 2014
Solubility Based Identification of Green Solvents for Small Molecule Organic Solar Cells 01 April 2014
Generation of surface steps on Pt(9 7 7) induced by the catalytic oxidation of CO 13 January 2014
Facile synthesis of porous bismuth–carbon nanocomposites for the sensitive detection of heavy metals 22 October 2013
Effects of architecture on the electrochemistry of binder-free inverse opal carbons as Li–air cathodes in an ionic liquid-based electrolyte 18 October 2013
Tunable near-infrared and visible-light transmittance in nanocrystal-in-glass composites 27 August 2013
Towards high energy density sodium ion batteries through electrolyte optimization 10 August 2013
Boosted CO2 reaction with methanol to yield dimethyl carbonate over Mg–Al hydrotalcite-silica lyogels 24 July 2013
Interplay between Fullerene Surface Coverage and Contact Selectivity of Cathode Interfaces in Organic Solar Cells 02 July 2013
One-Step Macroscopic Alignment of Conjugated Polymer Systems by Epitaxial Crystallization during Spin-Coating 28 May 2013
Modified mesoporous silica nanoparticles as a reusable, selective chromogenic sensor for mercury(II) recognition 10 May 2013
Quatsomes: Vesicles Formed by Self-Assembly of Sterols and Quaternary Ammonium Surfactants 01 May 2013
Polyanionic Aryl Ether Metallodendrimers Based on Cobaltabisdicarbollide Derivatives. Photoluminescent Properties 16 April 2013
In search of an optimized electrolyte for Na-ion batteries 16 April 2013
Low-Potential Sodium Insertion in a NASICON-Type Structure through the Ti(III)/Ti(II) Redox Couple 02 April 2013
Strain-driven broken twin boundary coherence in YBa2Cu3O7−δ nanocomposite thin films 21 March 2013
Thermoelectric composites of poly(3-hexylthiophene) and carbon nanotubes with a large power factor 04 March 2013
Structural and surface study of calcium glyceroxide, an active phase for biodiesel production under heterogeneous catalysis 13 February 2013
Nanostructured silica-based drug delivery vehicles for hydrophobic and moisture sensitive drugs 25 January 2013


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