Compra e instalación y puesta a punto de equipamiento y laboratorios de producción y caracterización para complementar las unidades U2-Producción de anticuerpos, U4-Biodeposición y biodetección, U6-Procesado de biomateriales y U8-Micro, nanotecnología

European Regional Development Fund


The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is a financial instrument of the European Commission whose purpose is to strengthen economic and social cohesion in the European Union by correcting the imbalances between its regions.

The operational programs are the programming documents approved by the European Commission to develop and specify the development strategies to co-finance with the European Funds.

The Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, through the General Secretariat for Science and Innovation, manages funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for the Plurirregional Operational Program of Spain (POPE)2014-2020, in the action line: “Singular Scientific and Technical Infrastructures” to finance projects and actions related to implementation , expansion or improvement of large international scientific and technological infrastructures in which Spain participates.

In this framework, several projects related to the ICTS NANBIOSIS have been selected by the MINECO for co-financing with FEDER funds of the European Regional Development Funds program:

I) PROJECT: Purchase and installation and set-up of equipment and production and characterization laboratories to complement the units U02-Custom Antibody Service (CAbS), U04-Biodeposition and biosensing, U06-Processing of biomaterials and nanoestructuring and U08-Micro, nanotechnology.

Unit Objective Action Total Budget Feder (50%) Co-financed
U02 To optimize an infrastructure able to assume the increasing number of future projects, through the acquisition and actualization of the equipment, where the use of antibodies and development of immunoassays are required. At the same time, with the acquisition of the solicited equipment, new methodologies can be developed and further implemented to offer, in the future, a platform that can operate in the field of biomedicine, among others. Purchase and installation and set-up of
a Microplate Washer
17.000,00 € 8.500,00 € 8.500,00 €
Purchase and installation and set-up of Automated microdispensing system for microarray technology 40.000,00 € 20.000,00 € 20.000,00 €
Purchase and installation and set-up of
a Nitrogen tank
4.500,00 € 2.250,00 € 2.250,00 €
U04 To improve the services included in this platform. The acquisition, on one hand, of an ozone generator will allow to update the current one, whose performance has been limited due to the average lifetime of the UV lamp, integrated in the device. Upgrade of UV/Ozone cleaner for NanoeNabler 5.000,00 € 2.500,00 € 2.500,00 €
Upgrade of the optics and the microfluidic components of the Biodetection Unit. Includes: Manufacture and assembly of printed circuit boards (PCB boards), peristaltic pumps, flow cell and connectors, laser diodes, photodetects, lenses… 10.000,00 € 5.000,00 € 5.000,00 €
U06 To characterize micro-emulsions and colloidal systems in high-pressure reactors through the new DLS equipment, in a flexible configuration that will be acquired. Another relevant goal of the unit is to characterize fluorescent nanoparticles in colloidal systems at different frequencies, thanks to the acquisition and incorporation of two new lasers to the already existing Nanosight equipment. Last, U06 will set up the different equipment pieces in order to give a functional service to the users of the new Nanbiosis lab, after moving those to a new emplacement. Update of the Nanosight team 23.400,00 € 11.700,00 € 11.700,00 €
Conditioning of the new Nanbiosis laboratory – Hiring an engineer 71.400,00 € 35.700,00 € 35.700,00 €
Purchase and installation and commissioning of the Dynamic Light Scattering equipment 50.000,00 € 25.000,00 € 25.000,00 €
U08 To offer high-quality graphene grown in mono or multilayer CU laminas, as well as transferred graphene onto different substrates, both rigid and flexible paryline-like, conserving its valuable initial features.   Upgrade of the Aixtron Black Magic Pro 4-inch System for the growth of Graphene 16.500,00 € 8.250,00 € 8.250,00 €
Purchase and installation and set-up of parylene deposition for devices on flexible substrates 70.000,00 € 35.000,00 € 35.000,00 €
      307.800,00 153.900,00 153.900,00





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