Congratulations to UABDIVULGA, Premi Nacional de Comunicació Científica

Congratulations to UABDIVULGA, Premi Nacional de Comunicació Científica

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We would like to congratulate our colleagues from the UABDIVULGA, with whom we collaborate to disseminate the results of our research, for the National Award on Science Communication (Premi Nacional de Comunicació Científica), which they received last night, Monday, 15 October 2018, at the TNC. 

We would also like to congratulate all the awardees: Roderic Guigó (Premi Nacional de Recerca), reseacher at CRG and professor at UPF, Nanda Rea (Premi Nacional Talent Jove), researcher at IEE-CSIC, La Marató de TV3 (Premi Nacional al Mecenatge Científic) and CARNET-Cooperative Automotive Research Network (Premi Nacional al Partenariat Publicoprivat en R+I). 

The UAB Dean, Margarita Arboix, received the award in representation of the UABDivulga and the UAB. The event, at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (TNC) was chaired by the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, and presented by the journalist, Laura Rosel

Margarita Arboix expressed her gratitude to the jury for the award and recognized both the work of the Area of ​​Communication and Marketing of the UAB, as well as the researchers who are committed to the dissemination of science. "It is very important that the university can return to society what society gives us. It is important that they know what we are doing!" she said. 

The president of the Generalitat underlined that these awards are a recognition of the "excellence, effort, commitment and dedication" of the scientific community of Catalonia, especially of the awardees.

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UABDIVULGA was created in 2003 with the aim of increasing the volume of research results that are communicated to society at an affordable level and increasing the participation of researchers in scientific communication activities. Currently, the publication includes more than 2,000 articles and has about 3,000 subscribers.
UABDIVULGA comprises informative abstracts on scientific advances and doctoral theses, as well as general approaches on topics of the different fields of knowledge of the University research. It also includes videos about the research carried out at the UAB Campus, and interviews with experts who participate in the scientific events held at the University or in which they participate. The publication also promotes the dissemination of science through the dissemination of activities (conferences, exhibitions, etc.) organized or with the participation of the University itself and other institutions and research organizations in the country.

About the National Research Awards

The National Research Awards, convened by the Government of Catalonia and the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRi), promote the social recognition of the science and activity of researchers, patrons, entrepreneurs and communicators. Starting in 1990, you can see all the awardees here

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