Enantia is looking for a Project Leader in the field of Solid State Analysis

Enantia is looking a for a Project Leader for the Department of Solid State Analysis. Enantia is a growing company specialised in R&D Process ChemistrySolid Form Development, and Medicinal Chemistry


At Enantia we are looking for a project leader to incorporate the Solid State Analysis Department. We are looking for a person with a master's or doctorate degree in organic chemistry, materials science or nanotechnology to carry out analysis and characterization of solid state products under the supervision of the Head of the Department.

We seek a person with initiative, methodical and who knows how to work in a team. Advanced knowledge of English (both spoken and written) and Office skills are required.

Minimum required experience: from 2 to 4 years in similar tasks. We are thinking of a candidate who is familiar with the techniques of the field in which he will work, such as crystallography, microscopy, calorimetry or vibrational spectroscopy.

If you are interested, send CV and letter of presentation to careers@enantia.com 

About Enantia

Enantia is a growing company specialised in R&D Process ChemistrySolid Form Development, and Medicinal Chemistry. Their strengths are Asymmetric Chemistryand cocrystallisation technologies.

They can handle almost any kind of project related to organic chemistry, both from a technical and project management point of view. The most challenging projects are part of our day-to-day routine.In addition to offering services to industry as a Contract Research Organisation (CRO), we also develop various internal research programs which are later commercialised through a variety of agreements and licensing options. 

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