Title Created Date
Iván Caño and Remei Escudero: 2nd and 3rd prize at the SCN2 Dresselhaus Awards for ther research works 10 January 2020
A year in review: ICMAB Top 10 Journals of 2019 31 December 2019
A year in review: ICMAB most cited articles of 2019 30 December 2019
A year in review: Top 10 articles with highest IF published by ICMAB researchers in 2019 27 December 2019
CELLUPACK by Camilla Dore wins the "Generating Ideas" programme of the PRUAB 21 December 2019
Martí Gibert: Poster Prize at the SCN2 First Annual Congress of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 17 December 2019
Vote for Amanda Muñoz and Pamela Machado in the CSIC #YoInvestigo video contest! 13 November 2019
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019: a close look from an ICMAB point of view (by M. Rosa Palacín and Josep Fontcuberta) 10 October 2019
The ICMAB has a new General Manager: Welcome Joan Ricard Ibáñez! 07 October 2019
Pol Sallés will start his PhD at the ICMAB with a "la Caixa" INPhINIT Doctoral Fellowship 03 October 2019
Zsolt Kelemen, #MSCA IF Fellow of the Week! 02 October 2019
The ICMAB website continues to be the most visible of the CSIC! 01 October 2019
The ICMAB receives one ERC Proof of Concept Grant for enabling high-temperature superconducting technologies 25 July 2019
Poster Prize for the "Madame Châtelet" project at the Biennial RSEF 2019 19 July 2019
The project "Madame Châtelet" awarded with a FGCSIC "Cuenta la Ciencia" grant 15 July 2019
Nature Index 2019: ICMAB, CSIC and Spain 26 June 2019
Judit Tomsen, PhD fellow at the Nanomol group, best oral presentation at ESC 2019 26 June 2019
The winners of the ESCOLAB contest "Tenim una idea" had visited the ICMAB to discover the materials of the future for nanomedicine 20 June 2019
"Trampa de luz" is the "Photo of the Month" in the CSIC Newsletter 16 May 2019
Amanda Muñoz, winner of the #100QSD Twitter science microstories contest 02 May 2019
"Trampa de luz" from Cristiano Matricardi awarded in the 16th edition of FOTCIENCIA 26 March 2019
Alexandre Ponrouch receives the International Battery Association (IBA) Early Career Award 2019 in San Diego 13 March 2019
Miquel Torras receives the Extraordinary Award for his Master at the University of Barcelona (UB) 12 February 2019
The ICMAB in the Top 10 of the ERC research grants in Catalunya 21 January 2019
Alexandre Ponrouch awarded with the International Battery Association (IBA) Early Career Award 15 January 2019
The ICMAB most cited article of all time has more than 7400 citations! 27 December 2018
A year in review: ICMAB most cited articles of 2018 18 December 2018
A year in review: ICMAB Top 10 Journals of 2018 17 December 2018
Judit Morlà-Folch and the NANOMOL group awarded with a TECNIOspring Plus grant 03 December 2018
Martí Gich awarded with a 2018 ERC Consolidator Grant! 30 November 2018
Nora Ventosa designated new numerary member of the IEC 27 November 2018
The ICMAB is the first center in the CSIC in terms of research outputs per capita, according to Nature Index 22 November 2018
NANBIOSIS renews its accreditation as ICTS 19 November 2018
Roberta Verrelli and Elzbieta Pach, new Juan de la Cierva postdoctoral fellows at ICMAB 22 October 2018
The CSIC Gender Equality Certificate to the ICMAB was delivered by the CSIC President, Rosa Menéndez to Xavier Obradors 18 September 2018
Prof. Jaume Veciana: Olivier Kahn Plenary Lecture speaker at the ICMM 2018 14 September 2018
PhD Extraordinary award for three ICMAB graduates: Justo Cabrera, María de la Mata Fernández and Manuel Souto 08 August 2018
Ana M. López-Periago, second prize at the science monologues contest "Científiques a prop" 23 July 2018
The ICMAB awarded with the Gender Equality Certificate by the CSIC 18 July 2018
Mariona Coll acknowledged by the CSIC for her L'Oréal-Unesco FWIS 2017 Research Award 09 July 2018
The project Greene3D, awarded as best initiative of circular economy by the Generalitat and the PRUAB 06 July 2018
José Jurado, Milena Cervo and Jan Grzelak received their INPhINIT "la Caixa" fellowship at Caixaforum 04 July 2018
ICMAB received the Maker of Merit award at the Barcelona Maker Faire 2018 26 June 2018
Roberta Verrelli, winner of the 6th Early Career Scientist Presentation Contest of the World Materials Research Institute Forum 25 June 2018
Judith Guasch, Arántzazu González and Ignasi Fina awarded with a Ramón y Cajal grant #RYC 30 May 2018
Five ICMAB graduates in Materials Science received the PhD Extraordinary Award 17 May 2018
Sole Roig, PhD researcher at the NN group, finalist of the UAB contest "Tesi en 4 minuts" 15 May 2018
Arnau Bertran: Premi Sant Jordi 2018 from the SCQ-IEC for his bacherlor's thesis 24 April 2018
NANOMOL group accredited with the TECNIO certification 05 February 2018
Premis Ciutat de Barcelona 2017 01 February 2018
High interdisciplinarity and leadership within ICMAB researchers according to their h-index 16 January 2018
New collaborative project between the MULFOX group and MIT, funded by “la Caixa” Foundation 09 January 2018
ICMAB Researcher, Dr. Enric Canadell, elected member of the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona (RACAB) 08 January 2018
A year in review: Top 10 articles with the highest impact factor published by ICMAB researchers 02 January 2018
ICMAB within the Top 10 Institutions in Barcelona according to Nature Index 2017 Science Cities 15 December 2017
ICMAB researchers at the monograph on "Condensed Matter" of the Revista Española de Física 14 December 2017
Ines Bennour 04 December 2017
The best moments of the L'Oréal For Women in Science Research Awards ceremony in VIDEO 02 December 2017
Two projects from ICMAB researchers at the FINAL of the PRUAB Program "Generació d'Idees" 01 December 2017
Research Award L'Oréal-Unesco FWIS 2017 for Mariona Coll and her project on new materials for photovoltaics 24 November 2017
Three ICMAB researchers promoted to Research Scientists 30 October 2017
Anna Roig receives the Albus Award for her project on "Albumin iron-oxide nanocages" 09 October 2017
Laia Soler, awarded the Best Young Researchers Presentation at EUCAS 2017 27 September 2017
Judith Guasch, awarded with a leader position of a Max Planck Partner Group 26 September 2017
Dr. Màrius Tarrés Schüler: Premi Extraordinari de Doctorat UAB 14 September 2017
Dr. Jose Muñoz: Premi Extraordinari de Doctorat UAB 14 September 2017
Hot paper reporting borane hybrids for potential cancer therapy 19 July 2017
Two ICMAB researchers granted with Juan de la Cierva postdoctoral fellowships with Dr. Marta Mas-Torrent 05 July 2017
Imma Moros, ICMAB Managing Director, awarded for her Management Plan 28 June 2017
Jordi Martínez awarded at the "Jornades Doctorals 2017" UAB 08 June 2017
Xavier Obradors: "Research is a future investment, not an expense" 25 May 2017
Xavier Obradors honored with the Ambassador Regió 7 Award 18 May 2017
IEEE Magnetics recognizes the dissemination activity of Josep Fontcuberta as Distinguished Lecturer 2016 at the Award Ceremony of INTERMAG 2017 08 May 2017
Dr. Jaume Veciana received a Mention of Honor for his dedication in the creation of NANBIOSIS 26 April 2017
ICMAB confirms its leadership in excellence in science in the Nature Index 22 April 2017
Miquel Torras multipremiat als Premis Sant Jordi 2017 de l'IEC pel seu treball final de grau 21 April 2017
Enric Canadell, Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Rennes 1 06 April 2017
The ICMAB was present at the 10th anniversary of the ERC celebrated at the UAB-CEI Sphere 03 April 2017
New Communication & Outreach Officer at ICMAB 28 March 2017
La web del ICMAB sube al cuarto puesto del ranking 28 February 2017
Susan Trolier-McKinstry, member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the ICMAB, has been appointed President of the Materials Research Society (MRS) for 2017 31 January 2017
Josep Fontcuberta delivers a total of 60 lectures as a Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Magnetics Society during 2016 17 January 2017
REGIÓ7: "El Consell Europeu premia un manresà que combat el càncer amb nanomedecina" 09 December 2016
Núria Aliaga, Massimiliano Stengel and Gerard Tobias achieve three Consolidator Grants in the last call of the ERC 18 November 2016
El Prof. Miravitlles, acadèmic de la Reial Acadèmia de Farmàcia de Catalunya 02 November 2016
Rosa Palacin guanya la plaça de Professor d’Investigació 28 October 2016
Anna Roig guanya la plaça de Professor d’Investigació 28 October 2016
An ICMAB article chosen as one of the most influential of the past 50 years 21 October 2016
Elisa Carenza, Premi extraordinari de Doctorat 19 October 2016
Ingrid Cabrera, Premi extraordinari de Doctorat 19 October 2016
Radu-Adrian Popescu, Premi extraordinari de Doctorat 19 October 2016
El Prof. Xavier Obradors ha estat guardonat amb la Leibniz Medal del IFW Dresden per la seva tasca com a membre del Scientific Advisory Board d'aquesta institució 13 October 2016
Anna Laromaine, premiada con una beca del programa L'Oréal-Unesco 30 September 2016
Rosa Palacín, new editor of CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS as expert in batteries and electrochemical energy storage 28 September 2016
Premio del Cleantech Camp para investigadores del ICMAB 26 September 2016
Premios del congreso Euroboron7 (FOTOS) 19 September 2016
Dr. Enikö György and Dr. Ángel Pérez del Pino have been awarded with the IAAM Scientist medal for the year 2016 13 September 2016
ERC Starting Grant to Alexandre Ponrouch 13 September 2016
Premiado el póster de Pedro López Domínguez en el XIV encuentro del Grupo Especializado en Polímeros 09 September 2016
Els investigadors catalans obtenen bons resultats a la convocatòria ERC Starting Grants (2016) 09 September 2016
Nombrado el Prof Carlos Miravitlles Presidente del Comite Organizador del Salon EXPOMINER 29 July 2016
Clara Viñas, medalla del simposi "Smart Inorganic Polymers" 19 July 2016
Pol Sallés, Premi Xavier Domingo pel seu Treball Final de Grau 26 May 2016
Davide Blasi, Best Short Talk Award at the XIXth Internation Krutyn Summer School 25 May 2016
El impacto científico del ICMAB supera la barrera de las 100.000 citas 25 April 2016
Irene Urcelay Olabarria, Premi Extraordinari de doctorat 21 March 2016
Profs. Obradors y Miravitlles, nuevos miembros de la Junta Directiva de la RACAB 15 February 2016
Teresa Puig i Xavier Obradors, Premi Ciutat de Barcelona "pel descobriment d’un procediment de producció de materials superconductors assequible i industrialitzable" 04 February 2016
Entrega al director del ICMAB, Xavier Obradors, de la acreditación "Centro de Excelencia Severo Ochoa" 04 February 2016
2º Premio del Programa de Generación de Ideas para el mercado del sector aeroespacial al proyecto OISensing, en el que participa el ICMAB 11 January 2016
Elena Oleshkevich, premiada a la Novena Trobada de Joves Investigadors dels Països Catalans 01 January 2016
Se hace entrega a Concepció Rovira del Premio RSEQ a la Excelencia Investigadora 04 December 2015
Alexandre Ponrouch granted 10000 € as finalist of the Science Award Electrochemistry 2015 raised by BASF and Volkswagen 04 November 2015
ICMAB has been recognized with the prestigious "Severo Ochoa" Center of Excellence Award 27 October 2015
La Dra. Anna Laromaine i el Dr. Agustín Mihi obtenen places de "Investigador Distinguido" 19 October 2015
Dr. Riccardo Rurali, nou Sotsdirector de l'ICMAB-CSIC des de l'1 d'octubre de 2015 14 October 2015
Prof. Josep Fontcuberta, has been nominated IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguished Lecturer 2016 25 September 2015
El Prof. Jaume Veciana, anomenat Director Científic de la ICTS NANBIOSIS 23 June 2015
Josep Fontcuberta joins the International Editorial Board of "Advanced Electronic Materials" 11 May 2015
Premio a la Excelencia Investigadora RSEQ 2015 a la Dra. Concepció Rovira Angulo 04 May 2015
Màrius Tarrés Schüler Premi IEC de Ciències Químiques Antoni de Martí Franquès 2015 23 April 2015
Jordi Faraudo, member of the Editorial Board of the new journal Heliyon 10 April 2015
Marius Tarrés Schüler, premi a la millor Tesi Doctoral redactada en català 30 March 2015
Arantxa González, tresorera de la nova junta d'AMIT-CAT 18 March 2015
Carmen Ocal, vicepresidenta de la nova junta d'AMIT-CAT 18 March 2015
AMIT: Anna Laromaine Sagué, "Científica del mes" 16 March 2015
María de la Mata has been selected to participate in the 65th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 02 March 2015
Dr. Mariano Campoy-Quiles wins an ERC - Consolidator Grant 26 January 2015
Laura Córcoles recibe el premio Innpulsa otorgado por CETENMA (Centro Tecnológico de la Energía y el Medio Ambiente) 04 December 2014
El Prof Benjamín Martínez de l'ICMAB ha estat elegit nou President del Club Español de Magnetismo 25 November 2014
Words of Wisdom from the Top 40 Under 40 12 November 2014
Prof. Jordi Arbiol listed in the 2014 Top 40 under 40 Power List by the Analytical Scientist. 27 October 2014
Elisa Carenza guanya el I Premi Dr. Ramón Ríos al millor treball de recerca 12 September 2014
Felip Sandiumenge ha sido nombrado Editorial Board de Frontiers in Materials 04 September 2014
Master amb participació d'investigadors de l'ICMAB seleccionat com un dels millors programes de mestratge 08 July 2014
Aziz Genç and María de la Mata receive the IFSM Young Scientist Scholarship Award 02 July 2014
Aziz Genç has been awarded with one of the prestigious DAAD 2014 Scholarships 02 July 2014
The ICMAB Project "New Materials in Your Classroom", First Prize of the Reach.Out! Competition Award E-MRS Spring 2014 30 May 2014
Jordi Arbiol was awarded with the E-MRS 2014 - EU40 Materials Prize 29 May 2014
El ICMAB, en segundo puesto de centros CSIC que más publican en Nature 03 April 2014
ICMAB article selected as the inaugural “Featured Article” of 2014 by Journal of Supercritical Fluids 02 April 2014
Anna Laromaine, award TALENT EMERGENT 2014 24 March 2014
Prof. Jordi Arbiol awarded with the EU40 Materials Prize 14 March 2014
Jorge Íñiguez appointed to be a Founding Member of the Editorial Board of Physical Review Applied 18 December 2013
Màrius Tarrés Schüler, premi a la millor presentació oral a la "8ena Trobada de Joves Investigadors dels Països Catalans" 02 December 2013
Patricia Abellán, premio de la SME a la mejor tesis doctoral 24 October 2013
Marta Mas-Torrent: Olivier Kahn International Award 2013 25 September 2013
L'ICMAB, en primer lloc de las publicacions del CSIC a Nature 01 July 2013
Nuria Crivillers: Premio RSEQ a jóvenes investigadores 29 May 2013
La Prof Concepció Rovira ha estat nomenada com una de les IUPAC 2013 Distinguished Women in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering 28 May 2013
Mariano Campoy recogió su Premio de Física 2012 24 May 2013
Professor David Amabilino new Associate Editor of Chem Soc Rev 23 April 2013
Manuel Bibes, premi EU-40 Materials Prize 13 March 2013
Mariano Campoy gana el Premio de las RSEF-Fundación BBVA en la categoría de Investigador Novel en Física Experimental 2012 23 January 2013
El Prof. Manuel Cardona ha rebut el Premi Paul Klemens i la Medalla Bernadski de l'Acadèmia de Ciències de Ukrània. 13 December 2012
Entrega de premios extraordinarios de doctorado 30 November 2012
Premi “Salvador Velayos” pel Prof. Josep Fontcuberta 13 November 2012
Kepler Prize para Cecilia Solís y Mónica Burriel 09 November 2012
Premis Extraordinaris de doctorat de Ciencia de Materials 01 October 2012
Premi Argó 2012 i Primer Premi Minerva a un Treball de Recerca sobre Superconductors d'alta temperatura per la Marta Sáez i la Montse Sánchez de l'Institut de Secundària de Castellar del Vallès 20 June 2012
La Prof. Nieves Casañ ha sido nombrada miembro del Comité Cientifico Asesor del CSIC 11 May 2012
Professor Jordi Rius has been elected member of the Board of Directors of the ICDD 29 February 2012
Dr. Pau Farràs Costa has been awarded the "Outstanding Award for the PhD in Chemistry" from the UAB 28 February 2012
Dr. Emilio José Juárez-Pérez has been awarded the "Outstanding Award for the PhD in Chemistry" from the UAB 28 February 2012
Oriol Vallcorba, premio a la mejor presentación sobre materiales y química del estado sólido 20 February 2012
El ICMAB, Premio “Ramón Tobar Illade” a la Excelencia en Prevención de Riesgos Laborales 18 December 2011
ESAS Prize to Marta Vilardell 15 December 2011
Premio Expoquimia I+D+I: mención especial del jurado para Nanomol 31 October 2011
I premio concurso Reacciona a vídeo divulgación ICMAB 02 September 2011
David Amabilino has been awarded the Hermanos Elhuyar-Hans Goldschmidt Lectureship 29 April 2011
Dr. Juan S. Reparaz: Premi Extraordinari de Doctorat en Física 04 April 2011
Ingrid Cañero ha rebut el Premi Extraordinari de Doctorat en Ciència de Materials del curs 2007/2008 10 March 2011
L'ICMAB ha rebut el Premi Solar 2010 26 January 2011
La Prof. Amparo Fuertes, membre de l'Advisory Board del Journal of Materials Chemistry 03 December 2010
Premi a la millor contribucio científica del Congres Internacional SENSORDEVICES 2010 a la Dra. Elena Laukhina 17 September 2010
Nanomol y Oxolutia, finalistas de premio emprendedores 07 July 2010
Premio para Roxana Vlad 06 July 2010
Premi a una ex doctorand de l'ICMAB 17 June 2010
Adrián Carretero gana concurso de fotos 02 June 2010
Premis per a Judith Guasch i Alba Córdoba 29 April 2010
La Dra. Rosa Palacín ha estat nomenada membre de l'Editorial Board del Journal of Power Sources 26 April 2010
El Prof. David Amabilino, "Fellow" de la Royal Society of Chemistry 22 April 2010
Premi a emprenedors de l'ICMAB 21 April 2010
Premis rebuts per investigadors de l'ICMAB 19 April 2010
Carlos García y Pedro L-Aranguren: European Hopefuls for Innovation Contest 2010 11 March 2010
Prof. David Amabilino and Dr. Anna Roig are one of the top 20% reviewers for Langmuir 12 February 2010
El Dr. Eduardo Hernández ha estat elegit com outstanding referee del PRB-PRL 03 February 2010
El Prof. David Amabilino ha sigut anomenat membre del Editorial Board de Chemical Society Reviews 03 February 2010
Montserrat Casas ha rebut el Premi Extraordinari en Ciència de Materials del curs 2006/2007 03 February 2010
Albert Vaca ha rebut el Premi Extraordinari de Química del curs 2006/2007 28 December 2009
Josep Puigmartí i Luis, Premi Antoni de Martí i Franquès de Ciències Químiques 14 April 2009
Premis Extraordinaris del Programa de doctorat de Química 2005-2006 per a doctors de l'ICMAB 01 April 2009
Distinció “Lectureship Giacomo Ciamician - Antonio González” a la Prof. Concepció Rovira de l’ICMAB 30 March 2009
MATER in Progress: Mención Especial Premios Ciutat de Barcelona y Premios BMW a la Innovación 02 March 2009
Càtedra de Transferència "Parc de Recerca UAB - Santander" per a Nora Ventosa 02 March 2009


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