Courses and Workshops

Title Created Date
Registration is now open for OPTOFEM2020: An ICMAB Summer School on OPTICALLY CONTROLLED FERROELECTRIC MEMRISTORS. 10 March 2020
IEC, 23-24 MARCH 2020: Research and innovation in the field of molecular materials, in honour of Prof. Veciana and Prof. Rovira on their 70th birthday 02 December 2019
The Soft Lab hosts a CSIC course on "Characterization techniques for Particulate Materials" 25 October 2019
"Send me the postprint so we can deposit it at Digital CSIC" reminds us Alejandro Santos for the #OpenAccessWeek 23 October 2019
ICMAB, 28 OCT 2019: Meet the Scientific Equipment Platforms of ICMAB! 16 October 2019
ICMAB, 6 NOV 2019: Workshop on Good Lab Practices: UV/Vis, Pipetting and pH 20 September 2019
Trieste, 10-11 DEC 2019: 1st EUSMI/NFFA-Europe Joint School on Data Management 23 August 2019
ALBA, 10 July 2019: Single Photon Detection Workshop at ALBA Synchrotron 09 July 2019
ICMAB, 11 July 2019: South Korean Flexible Electronics workshop 18 June 2019
Alghero, 3-7 SEPT 2019: International Summer School on Hybrid (bio)Nanostructures #HyNano 29 May 2019
The Gender Equality Committe at the LIBRA workshop on “How to design, implement and follow-up a Gender Equality Plan” 25 February 2019
ICMAB, 14 March 2019: Jornada de Igualdad de Género en Centros de Investigación "¿Y a mí, qué me aporta la igualdad?" 01 March 2019
ICMAB hosts a CSIC course on Nanoparticles Characterization 10 October 2018
ICMAB, 17-20 SEPT 2018: MATENER 2018: Severo Ochoa Summer School on Materials for Energy 17 September 2018
ICMAB offers a course on "Essential Documentation Tools" for young researchers 23 January 2018
17 NOV: Training Program FUNMAT. Next Seminar open to all researchers and PhD candidates 08 November 2016
El ICMAB introduce tecnologías 3D en las aulas de Cataluña (FOTOS) 03 June 2016
Nou curs Professors i Ciència a l'ICMAB 11 March 2016


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