Title Created Date
X-rays find key insights in metal-oxide thin film interfaces 19 July 2019
"Thin-sections, the past serving the future": two articles from Jordi Rius featured in UABDivulga 12 July 2019
Watch here the video about the future of electric cars anb batteries with M. Rosa Palacín 12 July 2019
Published a review on organic semiconductors and polymer blends for organic field-effect transistors #OFETs 17 June 2019
A general quantum-mechanical method to address spatial dispersion effects: flexoelectricity and dynamical quadrupoles 13 June 2019
Perovskite solar cells: The interface makes the difference 12 April 2019
The CSIC signs the Open Acess institutional mandate 10 April 2019
Anna Laromaine is "a researcher in your classroom" in Santa Maria de Palautordera 31 March 2019
What does the future hold for chemistry? 30 March 2019
M. Rosa Palacín interviewed in the RECERCAT newsletter (Feb 2019) 29 March 2019
M. Rosa Palacín in "Motorpasión" talking about the electric vehicle and the future of batteries 12 March 2019
Antibacterial biopolymer patches to protect and heal plant wounds: joint publication between ICMAB and CRAG 05 March 2019
Urea substitutes noble metal catalysts for the photodegradation of organic pollutants 22 February 2019
A paper that converts waste heat into electricity produced at ICMAB 30 January 2019
Anna Laromaine in People First: “Tener mentores y referentes es importantísimo para elegir una profesión” 23 January 2019
"Escletxes per incloure la dona en la ciència": Madame Châtelet in "Núvol" 07 January 2019
"Subnanosecond magnetization dynamics driven by strain waves" at MRS Bulletin 28 November 2018
M. Rosa Palacín in "Business Insider" for the development of calcium batteries for electric vehicles 26 November 2018
Soft organic materials that change color and charge transfer with the application of an electric field 21 November 2018
Finding a needle in the haystack: 50 times faster evaluation of organic materials for solar cells 30 October 2018
ICMAB researchers collaborate in a study published in Nature Physics about a "Giant topological Hall Effect" 18 October 2018
Watch here the video of #LasCientíficasCuentan with Marta Mas-Torrent and the e-GAMES project 08 October 2018
Nobel Prize in Physics for for groundbreaking inventions in the field of laser physics... how do we use lasers at ICMAB? 03 October 2018
Cancer immunotherapy recognized with the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 01 October 2018
Six highlights with the participation of ICMAB researchers in the ALBA Synchrotron Activity Report 2017 01 October 2018
Marta Mas-Torrent and Teresa Puig, ERC researchers, in #LasCientíficasCuentan 30 August 2018
The ICMAB website: the most visible of the CSIC 28 August 2018
Minimalist Biostructures Designed to Create Nanomaterials 14 June 2018
"Stimuli-responsive materials that switch from nano-porous 3D structures to new non-porous 2D structures and vice versa using spherical ligands" featured in UABdivulga 11 June 2018
ICMAB researchers develop flexible materials that switch from nano-porous 3D to 2D structures in a reversible way 30 May 2018
"Carbon-Gold bonds for robust molecule-electrode junctions" featured in UABDivulga 16 May 2018
Disentangling the origin of magnetic proximity effects at the magnetic/non-magnetic interface 16 May 2018
The industry with the Spanish research 07 May 2018
Physicists uncover properties of a magnetic soliton of interest for brain-inspired computing 03 May 2018
MIT-Spain grant for ICMAB project: new materials for photovoltaics 19 April 2018
"Graphene-based photocatalysts to obtain hydrogen" featured in UABDivulga 16 April 2018
Iridescent photonic cellulose, mimicking the structural color of insects, with optical applications 09 April 2018
New organic and miniaturized photodetectors that absorb light beyond the visible range 03 April 2018
PLANT HEALING: Biopolymer to heal plant wounds: a collaboration between ICMAB and CRAG 23 February 2018
The revolution of nanomaterials: superabsorbers that trap sunlight 05 February 2018
Perovskite, the "silicon" of the future to harvest solar energy 30 January 2018
Nanostructured semiconductors become superabsorbers - Published at 22 January 2018
X-rays reveal "handedness" in swirling electric vortices 18 January 2018
More than 20 % of ALBA publications from 2017 are in collaboration with ICMAB 11 January 2018
Sensing Mercury via Simple Organic Field-Effect-Transistors 10 January 2018
ICMAB collaboration at the Digital CSIC journal "CSIC Abierto" about Open Access policies and mandates 18 December 2017
The best moments of the L'Oréal For Women in Science Research Awards ceremony in VIDEO 02 December 2017
Research Award L'Oréal-Unesco FWIS 2017 for Mariona Coll and her project on new materials for photovoltaics 24 November 2017
Spinning the future 22 November 2017
Self-assembly of highly-porous crystalline particles into novel photonic materials for sensing applications 26 October 2017
Two ICMAB studies at the ALBA Synchrotron Activity Report 2016 25 October 2017
Turning the microscope upside down to measure the piezoelectricity of materials at the nanoscale 24 October 2017
Xavier Obradors participated in the roundtable "From Lab to Fab" at ICN2 20 October 2017
Identified for the first time a mineral that until now was only present in meteorites 31 July 2017
Nano4Derm: a project between Almirall, Leitat and ICMAB on nanocapsules to fight skin diseases 18 July 2017
ICMAB becomes full member of ECSITE, the European network of science centres and museums 07 July 2017
ERC, 10 años de excelencia en la ciencia 03 April 2017
Entrevista a Xavier Granados 30 March 2017
Un manresà lidera un dels projectes de superconductivitat més importants d'Europa 15 March 2017
Presentació a Barcelona dels resultats del projecte europeu Eurotapes sobre superconductivitat 14 March 2017
ICMAB Teaches Students About Science and Technology with 3Doodler Pens and Imagination 10 March 2017
The ICMAB is the second institute of the CSIC Materials Science and Technology Area centers in terms of articles publication 15 February 2017
Informe: «La actividad científica del CSIC a través de indicadores bibliométricos (Web of Science, 2011-2015) 09 February 2017
Los ‘puzles’ nanométricos que cambiarán tu ordenador 17 November 2016
“Hay que promover la actividad de NANBIOSIS, tanto en el ámbito académico como industrial, en la Unión Europea y otros países” 27 July 2016
Entrevista a M. Rosa Palacín 23 June 2016
Scientists develop 3D printing program to teach materials science in high schools 07 June 2016
SS.MM. los Reyes reciben a los centros y unidades de investigación ‘Severo Ochoa’ y ‘María de Maeztu’ 06 June 2016
Magnetismo en superconductores de alta temperatura 23 March 2016
Antiferromagnetic spintronics goes USB 07 March 2016
M. Rosa Palacín, ICMAB-CSIC, y Anne de Guibert, SAFT, explican por qué pierden prestaciones las baterías 05 February 2016
A sustainable and recyclable thermoelectric paper 01 February 2019
Científicos españoles crean un papel que convierte el calor en electricidad 01 February 2019
Granjas de bacterias para transformar calor en electricidad 01 February 2019
Un papel que convierte el calor residual en energía eléctrica 01 February 2019


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