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Name:Canadell Casanova, Enric
Date of assignement:1996
Date and place of birth:1950, Castellfollit de la Roca (Girona)

University degrees:
Química- Universitat de Barcelona
Doctorat, universitat i any:
Química- Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 1976
Electronic structure of solids
Rochat-Julliard (Physique) Académie des Sciences (Paris,1995)
Number of published articles:326
H Factor:39

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Most significatives scientific articles:
X-ray diffuse scattering and first-principles DFT study of the nature of the density wave instability in alpha-(BEDT-TTF)2KHg(SCN)4.
Authors:P. Foury-Leylekian, J.-P. Pouget, Y.-J. Lee, R. M. Nieminen, P. Ordejón, E. Canadell
Reference:Phys. Rev. B 82, 134116 (2010)

First-principles study of the interaction between paramagnetic V4+ centers through formally magnetically inactive VO4 tetrahedra in the quasi-one-dimensional spin-systems Sr2V3O9 and Ba2V3O9.
Authors:A. Rodríguez-Fortea, M. Llunell, P. Alemany, E. Canadell
Reference:Phys. Rev. B 82, 134416 (2010)

A single-component molecular conductor based on a thiazole dithiolate gold complex.
Authors:N. Tenn, N. Bellec, O. Jeannin, L. Piekara-Sady, P. Auban-Senzier, J. Íñiguez, E. Canadell, D. Lorcy
Reference:J. Am. Chem. Soc. 131, 16961 (2009)

Understanding the unique structural and electronic properties of SrFeO2.
Authors:J. M. Pruneda, J. Íñiguez, E. Canadell, H. Kageyama, M. Takano
Reference:Phys. Rev. B 78, 115101 (2008)

Modulating the Framework Negative Charge Density in the System BDT-TTP.+/[Re6(S/Se)6Cl82-]/[Re6S7Cl73-]: Templating by Isosteric Cluster Anions of Identical Symmetry and Shape, Variations of Incommensurate Band Filling and Electronic Structure in 2D Metals.
Authors:S. Perruchas, K. Boubekeur, E. Canadell, Y. Misaki, P. Auban-Senzier, C. Pasquier and P. Batail
Reference:J. Am. Chem. Soc. 130, 3335 (2008)

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Research Fields:

Electronic Structure of solids

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+ 34 935 801 853
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+ 34 935 805 729
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Materials Simulation and Theory
Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona

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