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Name:López Periago, Ana María
Date of assignement:2006
Date and place of birth:Vigo

University degrees:
Licenciada en Quimicas-Universidad de Santiago De Compostela
Doctorat, universitat i any:
2004-University of Surrey (UK)
Fluidos supercritcos
Quimica Organica
Number of published articles:24
H Factor:8

Most significatives scientific articles:
Impregnation of a biocompatible polymer aided by supercritical CO2: evaluation of drug stability and drug-matrix interactions
Authors:A. López-Periago, A. Argemí, J.M. Anderson, V. Fernández, C.A. García-González, S.G. Kazarian, X.Saurina, C. Domingo
Reference:Journal Of Supercritical Fluids

Solvent- and thermal-induced crystallization of poly-l-lactic acid in supercritical CO2 medium
Authors:A. M. López-Periago, Carlos A. García-González, Concepción Domingo
Reference:Journal of Applied Polymer Science

Supercritical CO2 processing of polymers for the production of materials with applications in tissue engineering and drug delivery
Authors:Ana López-Periago, A. Vega, P. Subra, A. Argemí, J. Saurina, C.A. García González and C.Domingo
Reference:Journal of Materials Science

Towards the synthesis of Schiff base macrocycles under supercritical CO2 conditions
Authors:Ana M. Lopez-Periago, C. A Garcia-Gonzalez, C. Domingo
Reference:Chemical Communications

Preparation of Triphenyltrityl cations in faujasita micropores through supercritical CO2 impregnation
Authors:Ana M. López-Periago, Julio Fraile, Carlos A. García-González, Concepción Domingo
Reference:Microporous and Mesoporous Materials

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