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Name:Domingo Pascual, María Concepción
Date of assignement:15/06/2005
Date and place of birth:1964 Barcelona

University degrees:
Chemistry, Universidad de Barcelona, 1987
Doctorat, universitat i any:
Chemistry, Universidad de Barcelona, 1992
Supercritical fluids
Crystal growth
Number of published articles:40

Most significatives scientific articles:
Porosity and water permeability study of supercritically carbonated cement pastes involving mineral additions.
Authors:C. Domingo, C.A. Garcí­a-González, A. Hidalgo, J. Fraile, A.M. López-Periago, C. Andrade
Reference:Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 46 (2007) 2488-2496.

Grafting of trialkoxysilane on the surface of nanoparticles by conventional wet alcoholic and supercritical carbon dioxide deposition methods.
Authors:C. Domingo, E. Loste, J. Fraile
Reference:J. Supercrit. Fluids, 37 (2006) 72-86.

Control of calcium carbonate morphology by precipitation in compressed and supercritical carbon dioxide media.
Authors:C. Domingo, J. Garcí­a-Carmona, E. Loste, A. Fanovich, J. Gómez-Morales, J. Fraile.
Reference:J. Crystal Growth, 271(1-2) (2004) 268-273.

Evaluation of drug deliver characteristics of microspheres of PMMA/PCL-cholesterol obtained by supercritical-CO2 impregnation and by dissolution-evaporation techniques.
Authors:C. Domingo, C. Elvira, A. Fanovich, M. Fernández, J. Frailes, J. San Román.
Reference:J. Controlled Release, 99 (2004) 231-240.

Supercritical carbon dioxide anhydrous method for the controlled silanization of inorganic nanoparticles.
Authors:C. Domingo, E. Loste, J. Fraile, M.A. Fanovich, G.F. Woerlee.
Reference:Adv. Materials, 16-8 (2004) 739-744.

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Research Fields:

Supercritical Fluids Drug delivery systems Modification of nanometric surfaces

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Solid State Chemistry
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