Job Offer at IFW Dresden: Junior Research Group Leader in "Applications of unconventional superconductors"

The Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden – in short IFW Dresden – wants to establish a new Junior Research Group in the field of applied superconductivity. The particular research focus for this group is open with the exception that it needs to be related to the application of unconventional superconductors (i.e. cuprates, Fe-based superconductors etc.) in any device or system.

Application deadline: August 30, 2018

The Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden – in short IFW Dresden – is a nonuniversity research institute and a member of the Leibniz Association. The IFW employs approximately 600 people and one focus is on the training of young scientists besides enhancing fundamental and applied research development. At the highest international level, the IFW operates modern materials science on a scientific basis and makes the obtained results useful for the economy. The complex and interdisciplinary research work is carried out within the IFW by five scientific institutes, which are supported by a highly developed technical infrastructure. The IFW supports its employees in reconciling work and family life and regularly submits to the berufundfamilie® audit. Further information at: http://www.ifw-dresden.de

Junior Research Group Leader: Applications of unconventional superconductors

It is planned to establish a new junior research group at the Institute for Metallic Materials (IMW) of the IFW Dresden focusing on the application of unconventional superconducting materials for novel components and devices. The central aim of the new team shall be on the transfer of corresponding materials from basic research to potential applications. Therefore, we are looking for an applicant, who has a profound knowledge in the field of unconventional superconducting materials and their applications as well as a PhD in the field of materials science, applied physics, chemistry, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering. It is also advantageous for the applicant to have additional research experience outside of Germany or in industry.

The Junior Research Group Leader might potentially work on one of the following topics as well as on related subjects in order to expand the research profile of the Institute for Metallic Materials at the IFW Dresden:

  • Superconducting sensors and detectors
  • Development of nanostructured superconducting devices
  • Superconducting motors and bearings
  • Atomic layer deposition of superconductors on 3D structures
  • Superconducting components for quantum computing

The salary will be based upon the TV-L rules (TV-L E14, 100 %). The first contract will be limited to 3 years (Science Employment Law), in which the young scientist shall establish her/his own working group, apply for additional third-party funded projects and contribute to research initiatives at the IFW. In case of a successful evaluation showing significant publications in the field of applied superconductivity as well as a third party funded project. The position of the junior research group leader will be extended by another 3 years. In this second phase, the focus will be on the further qualification of the junior group leader, which might lead to the habilitation and/or to the successful acquisition of an ERC Starting Grant or a comparable project.

The application for this position should include a cover letter, the CV, copies of the master and PhD certificates and a complete list of publications with the selection of 3 highlight publications (or patents). Additionally, a concept on the planned development of the junior research group should be included (maximum 5 pages).

The most promising candidates will be invited to a selection workshop at the IFW Dresden, which is scheduled for the 26th October 2018. If you have further questions on the position please contact: Prof. Kornelius Nielsch (K.Nielsch@ifwdresden.de)

The institute is keen to foster the professional equality of women and men, and thus welcomes applications from qualified women. Disabled applicants will be preferably considered given the same qualification.

The application is open until the 30th August 2018. Please send your application documents citing the reference number P023-1/18 as a single pdf-file exclusively to: bewerbung@ifw-dresden.de

Download job offer here. 

Resultat d'imatges de ifw dresden

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