Many ICMAB researchers were last week at the XXXVI Biennial Meeting of the RSEQ

Many ICMAB researchers were last week at the XXXVI Biennial Meeting of the RSEQ

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The Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry (RSEQ) celebrated its XXXVI Biennial Meeting in Sitges from 25 to 29 June 2017. "The Biennial" (La Bienal) as it is known by the Spanish Chemical community, is the forum which shows the vitality and the vigor of the Spanish chemistry, and ICMAB didn't want to miss this great event!


A big part of our ICMAB researchers were at The Biennial, presenting some posters or giving some talks.

The meeting was organized in specialized symposia (24), so a broad range of current chemical research fields were covered: graphene and 2D materials, optoelectronic organic materials for energy conversion, materials for energy generation and storage, polymers for a sustainable development, funtional materials, theoretical chemistry in biomolecules and materials, nanocatalysis, metal-organic (MOFS) and covalent organic frameworks (COFS), etc. 

From ICMAB, Concepció Rovira, was part of the Scientific Committee, and we had the following oral contributions: 

  • Núria Aliaga-Alcalde: Two-terminal nanodevices based on few-layer graphene containing curcuminoid molecules at room temperature
  • Concepción Domingo: Synthesis, modification and functionalization of ZIF-8 in supercritical CO2
  • Ana Begoña Buades Martín: Boron cluster compounds for molecular electronics
  • Wenjie Qian: Influence of supramolecular organization on energy transfer properties in chiral/non-chiral acetate-based Zn(II)-porphyrins assemblies
  • Raúl Díaz-Torres: Novel family of fluorescence curcuminoids: a comparative study on surface, solution and solid state
  • Abhishek Saini: Antibiotic detection in sea water by microsensors developed using ion pair complexes
  • Núria Portolés-Gil: Curcumin MOF crystalized in supercritical CO2
  • José Giner Planas: Switchable surface hydrophobicity-hydrophilicity of a carborane based MOF
  • Soledad Roig Sánchez: Engineering bacterial cellulose
  • Isabel Fuentes: Polymeric materials doped with cobaltacarboranes in bio-electronic applications

Apart from many other poster contributions by other ICMAB researchers. 

We hope they had a great time! 

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