NANOMOL group accredited with the TECNIO certification

NANOMOL group accredited with the TECNIO certification

News Staff 05 February 2018 3187 hits Anna May Masnou
NANOMOL Group has been accredited with the TECNIO certification as a Technology Developer Organization, until 2019. This TECNIO certification was created by the Government of Catalonia, through ACCIÓ. This certification supports the most qualified agents involved in technology transfer processes, allows companies to access advanced R&D and develop new products and services, and increases the scope of technology projects by finding the most suitable technology partners & suppliers.


NANOMOL is a research group set up by the ICMAB-CSIC and CIBER-BBN that contributes to advancing knowledge in the field of molecular nanoscience and functional organic materials. Its main lines of research are molecular magnetism and electronics, low-cost organic electronics, supercritical fluids, nanomedicine and biomaterials.

The multidisciplinary research conducted by NANOMOL aims to hone the self-assembly, nanostructuring and processing of functional (bio- and electro-active) molecules as crystals, particles, vesicles, and structured or self-assembled monolayers on various substrates showing non-conventional chemical, physical and biological properties.

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