MAY-2014: Nanotechnology Innovation - Curs d'especialització

Bellaterra, May 27-June 19


This course introduces students to core concepts in nanotechnology fused with principles of innovation, business creation, entrepreneurship, intellectual property and the global economic and collaborative environment.

Students will be challenged to contemplate economic, environmental and societal implications of new, rapidly developing nanotechnologies, especially considering recent enabling technical developments in information technology, environmental sensing, energy sustainability and medicine and exploring fundamental issues related to intellectual property, the innovative process, international competition and cooperation, and the roles of governmental policy and societal perception of nanotechnology.



Coursework will be project-based, involving international teams of students. Each week, students will be asked to propose and design a new solution to a global/societal challenge using nanotechnology as a resource. Teams of students will present their ideas at the end of each week. Grades will be based on class participation, collaboration, and the quality of the week-ending presentations.


by filling in the preregistration file and send it to gemma.garcia@uab.cat


  • Graduate and Master students in Science: 200 € (UAB students 150 €)
  • PhD students: 300 € (UAB students 250 €)
  • Others (industry, research centers, etc): 500 €

Location UAB campus

Contact gemma.garcia@uab.cat



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