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  • Premio del Cleantech Camp para investigadores del ICMAB

    26 September 2016 925 hit(s)

    El proyecto TrasnoBattery del ICMAB ha obtenido el 22/9 el 3er premio en el Cleantech Camp organizado por Barcelona Activa.
  • Scientific paper by M. Campoy and A. Goñi commented in Nature Materials

    19 July 2016 1314 hit(s)

    News on Organic Photovoltaics: The scientific paper "Exploring the origin of High Optical Absorption in Conjugated Polymers" by ICMAB-CSIC researchers M. Campoy and A.Goñi, among others, has been commented in Nature Materials, Vol 15, July 2016, page 705 "News and Views".

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