Participation in the International Day of Women and Girls in Science – 11 February

This week ICMAB participates actively in the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, which is on February 11

The activities in Spain are gathered under the name “11defebrero” and can be found in the webpage https://11defebrero.org/. A group of ICMAB women participate in the play “Madame Châtelet and her Instagram followers”, in which different scientific women meet at Madame Châtelet’s palace and explain their live and their discoveries.

The play will be performed at IES Pere Calders Highschool and at the L’Escoleta School, both at Campus UAB. 

The scientists that appear are: Émile du Châtelet, Hypatia, Trota of SalernoBeatriu de PinósMaria Sibylla MerianAda LovelaceNettie StevensRosalind FranklinVera Rubin and Margarita Salas. The piano player is Hildegard of BingenOther scientists mentioned in the play include Caroline HerschelMary Anning, Lise MeitnerIrène Joliot-CurieBarbara McClintockDorothy HodgkinMaria Goeppert-MayerRachel CarsonGertrude Elion and Rita Levi-Montalcini

Did you know any of these scientists?

You can follow this initiative in the Instagram account @madamechatelet2017.

Selfie with the audience!

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