Postdoc position in natural photonics at INL, Braga-Portugal

Postdoc position in natural photonics at INL, Braga-Portugal

News JOBS 22 August 2018 1726 hits Anna May Masnou
Postdoc position in natural photonics and photosynthesis at INL, Braga-Portugal. 

Closing date for applications: 28 August 2018.

This project will investigate photosynthetic photonic structures in nature and the correlation between natural photonics and photosynthesis efficiency. In particular we will develop the tools to study both properties simultaneously at single cell level.

The research will focus primarily on photosynthetic photonic structures in plants (https://www.nature.com/articles/nplants2016162) but other systems such as algae (Science Advances, 4, eaan8917,2018) or bacteria could also be explored. Therefore, candidates with a background on optical setup development and/or characterization of natural photonic structures will be highly valued.  Applications should be submitted through the following website:

This is a 2.5 years position funded by the Portuguese National Government. 

The NAPSD Group is focused on the study of light mater interaction at nano and microscale with a focus on natural photonic environments. More information on the activities of the group can be found at http://inl.int/nanophotonics/nanophotonics/natural-and-artificial-photonic-structures-and-devices/. Further information is available upon request from Martin Lopez-Garcia in  martin.lopez@inl.int.  

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