Spin Hall magnetoresistance at Pt/CoFe2O4 interfaces and texture effects

Spin Hall magnetoresistance at Pt/CoFe2O4 interfaces and texture effects

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Miren IsasaAmilcar Bedoya-PintoSaül VélezFederico Golmar, Florencio SánchezLuis E. HuesoJosep Fontcuberta and Fèlix Casanova.   

Appl. Phys. Lett. 105, 142402 (2014)

We report magnetoresistance measurements on thin Pt bars grown on epitaxial (001) and (111) CoFeO (CFO) ferrimagneticinsulating films. The results can be described in terms of the recently discovered spin Hall magnetoresistance (SMR). The magnitude of the SMR depends on the interface preparation conditions, being optimal when the Pt/CFO samples are prepared , in a single process. The spin-mixing interface conductance, the key parameter governing SMR and other relevant spin-dependent phenomena, such as spin pumping or spin Seebeck effect, is found to be different depending on the crystallographic orientation of CFO, highlighting the role of the composition and density of magnetic ions at the interface on spin mixing.

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