The #Matheroes in YouTube thanks to SizeMatters!

The #Matheroes in YouTube thanks to SizeMatters!

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Anna Morales, alias SizeMatters in YouTube, is a Researcher in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and a YouTuber. She owns the channel "SizeMatters", which is a nanoscience and nanotechnology channel in Spanish. In her last video, she explains the concepts of nanotechnology in some Marvel superheroes, and also in our Matheroes: ElectroWoman, Magnon, Bionanocapsule and Fotoenergy! 

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Take a look at the video in which she talks about the "Matheroes: Supermaterials, the heroes of the future" here:

The Matheroes that appear in the video (great pixel art!) are: ElectroWoman, Magnon, Bionanocapsule and Fotoenergy. Superconductor didn't make it. Maybe in another the video she could explain "Quantum levitation" and then our Superconductor would be in it! 





Thank you Anna! We are very happy that you liked our Matheroes! The video looks great. 

More information:

Matheroes website (Catalan and Spanish): https://projects.icmab.es/matheroes/ca/

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