UB, 4 Feb 2019: Jornada d'Investigadors Predoctorals Interdisciplinària

UB, 4 Feb 2019: Jornada d'Investigadors Predoctorals Interdisciplinària

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The 7th edition of the Interdisciplinary Meeting of Predoctoral Researchers (JIPI) will take place on Monday, 4 February 2019. The JIPI has become a meeting point for all predoctoral researchers in Catalonia. It offers the possibility to meet researchers of many other fields, learn about their interests and put ideas in common. It also aims at answering some unpleasant questions such as: Who might be interested in my research? Is it useful? What can I do after the PhD? Are you going to miss it?

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The JIPI meeting, organized by PhD researchers, consists on a series of short talks (flash talks) divided in various sessions along the event. The fields addressed go from Physics, Chemistry or Engineering to Medicine, Sociology or Philology. All fields of knowledge are welcome!

Participants can also present their research as a poster during one of the coffee breaks. Additionally, some debatesnetworking activities and workshops will take place during the day. It's a perfect opportunity to present your research in a relaxed way and to meet other researchers like you in the area of Barcelona. 

The 7th JIPI will be held on Monday, February 4, at the Paranymph of the historical building of the University of Barcelona (UB) at Plaça Universitat (Metro stop: Universitat L1/L2).

Attendance to the meeting is free and open toany PhD candidate and registration is required either for just attending to the event or if you want to contribute with a flash talk or present a poster. 

We are happy to announce that for the first time, ICMAB gives finnancial support to this meeting, together with many more institutions and associations. 

And M. Rosa Palacin, vice-director of ICMAB will be at the closing of the event, in representation of the ICMAB.


  • Deadline for abstract submission: Friday, January 4, 2019 EXTENDED! Friday, January 11, 2019!
  • Deadline for registration: Saturday, January 12, 2019
  • Conference: Monday, February 4, 2019

More information

More information, including the registration form and selection criteria can be found at the website www.jipi.cat.
For any doubts or comments, you can contact the organizers through their twitter account @jipi_bcn.

Download the schedule of the day from here. 

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Image of the JIPI in 2016
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