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18 SEPT: ICMAB Periodical Lecture by David Jou

ICMAB Periodical Lecture: "Heat transport and the foundations of thermodynamics in fast processes and nanosystems" by David Jou, UAB. 

Sep 13, 2017

Date: Monday 18 September
Time: 12 pm
Venue: Sala d’Actes Carles Miravitlles, ICMAB

Abstract: Heat transport at the scale of the mean free path and of the relaxation time requires generalized transport equations beyond Fourier's equations. These are useful for fast processes and for nanosystems. This generalization of transport equations requires generalizing the foundations of nonequilibrium thermodynamics. Thus, we are facing a situation somewhat analogous to that of the XIX Century, when Fourier (1810) and Carnot (1824) independently set the foundations of heat transport and of thermodynamics, namely: both fields become deeply connected despite their apparent independent character.

Bio: David Jou (Sitges, 1953) is Professor of Physics of Condensed Matter at UAB. His research is devoted to nonequilibrium thermodynamics and statistical physics (some 250 reserach papers and 5 monographs, for example "Extended irreversible thermodynamics", and "Understanding non-equilibrium thermodynamics"). He has also published a number of essays on science and humanism (Poesia de l'infinit: ciencia i mística, 2012; Introducción al mundo cuántico, 2013; El laberinto del tiempo, 2014;, Materia y materialismo, 2015) and 25 books of poetry in Catalan.

Hosted by Anna Roig, Research Scientist of the Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites Group at ICMAB.

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