2D organic molecular metallic soft material derived from BEDO-TTF with electrochromic and rectifying properties

Daniel Suarez, Eden Steven, Elena Laukhina, Andres Gomez, Anna Crespi, Narcis Mestres, Concepció Rovira, Eun Sang Choi & Jaume Veciana. npj Flexible Electronics, volume 2, Article number: 29 (2018)


DOI https://doi.org/10.1038/s41528-018-0041-1

In this article we demonstrate that a migration of iodine species and chemical transformation in a moist environment induced by a voltage-biased Pt electrode is able to alter the color and degree of charge transfer in a layer of the 2D organic molecular metal (BEDO-TTF)2.4I3[BEDO = bis(ethylenedioxy)tetrathiafulvalene] self-assembled at the surface of a polycarbonate film. These effects produce a reversible electrochromic behavior of the layer with low operating voltages and fast operation times. Adjuvant with electrochromism, this flexible material exhibits rectifying behavior whose I-V curves are dependent on the voltage sweep directions. These results open new possibilities for the design and fabrication of organic flexible materials for soft electrochromic and rectifying components. The easy working principle ensures reliability, low power consumption, and versatility through its implementation into simple devices. Such working principle has been confirmed by temperature dependent resistance measurements, X-Ray, EDX-SEM, and conducting-AFM studies.

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Oxides for new-generation electronics

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