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ALBA Synchrotron, 17 APR 2018: Research in advanced materials for the automotive industry meeting

You may have read the title of this event and be asking yourself… What is this Synchrotron workshop for? What new materials in the automotive industry could require Synchrotron light research?

04 January 2018
Date: 17/4/2018
Time: 9:30 am to 4:00 pm
Venue: ALBA Synchrotron. Carrer de la Llum, 2-26, 08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona)

The ALBA Synchrotron is the most important Synchrotron light facility in the Mediterranean area. It is a public infrastructure serving any research group or company, no matter how big or small. It is a true privilege to have a Synchrotron facility in the area, but many companies are unaware that they can use it.

The acceleration of electrons to produce synchrotron light allows us to visualize the atomic and molecular structure of the materials and study their properties. In relation to materials for the automotive industry, the synchrotron can be used for:

  • Coating and paintwork – Paintwork is made of several very fine layers which can be examined with synchrotron light. 
  • Polymers - The structure of new polymers can be examined.
  • Batteries – New materials can be characterized and developed or their in-situ behaviour can be analysed in charging and discharging processes.
  • Fuel cells.
  • Advanced materials - Composites, nanomaterials, materials for MEMS, etc.
  • Catalysis and catalysts - Study of oxidation processes.

From ICMAB, Prof. Rosa Palacín will give the Invited Talk on rechargeable batteries (Millora de prestacions de bateries recarregables en automoció derivades de l’ús de llum sincrotró). In addition, Valentina Roxana Vlad, from the ICMAB spinn off, OXOLUTIA SL, will give a talk on "Coatings of functional oxidi by inkjet printing". 


To detect opportunities for joint collaboration in the study and / or development of advanced materials for the automotive sector. This involves exploiting the synergies between both sectors in a dynamic environment to promote collaboration.

Who should attend?

This is an exclusive workshop for members of the CIAC, ClusterMAV and SECPhO clusters addressed to researchers and Technical, R&D and Innovation Directors or CEOs from companies that operate in the automotive sector, advanced materials or photonic technology sectors.


09:00h Registre
09:15h Benvinguda: Caterina Biscari, directora del Sincrotró ALBA
09:25h Introducció i objectius de la jornada: Sergio Sáez, Ferran Verdejo i Eloi Montcada. Clúster Managers de SECPhO, CIAC i CMAV
09:30h Introducció al Sincrotró: Alejandro Sánchez, Associate Director. Industrial and Project Offices. ALBA Synchrotron Light Source
09:35h Millora de prestacions de bateries recarregables en automoció derivades de l’ús de llum sincrotró: Rosa Palacín, Professora d’Investigació – ICMAB-CSIC

Sessió 1
10:00h Nous materials polimèrics per impressió 3D i polímers funcionals: Joseba Lluna, Co-founder & CTO, ONYRIQ
10:10h Lightweight materials per al vehicle del futur: M. Eugenia Rodríguez, Directora Unitat Composites – Eurecat
10:20h Unions dissimilars de materials en el sector de l’automoció (unions vidre i ceràmica-metall): David Gutiérrez, Quality & Innovation Manager – VAC-TRON
10:30 3D PRINTING: Advanced Materials: John Amin / Joan Folguera, CTO / CEO – INTECH3D
10:40 La pell dels components d’automoció: Antonio Ontinyent, CEO – Advanced Nanotechnologies

11:00 h Coffee Break – Networking

Sessió 2
11:30 Reciclatge de composites: Economia circular en el sector de l’automoció: Oriol Grau, CEO – Thermal recycling of composites
11:40h Opportunities and Challenges in the field of Advanced Materials for the Automotive Industry: José Manuel Barrios, IDIADA
11:50h Coatings of functional oxidi by inkjet printing: Valentina Roxana Vlad, R + D Department, OXOLUTIA SL
12:00h MATGAS: Aplicacions de gasos per al processament de materials avançats: Joaquim Torres Sanglas, Responsable projectes R + D – MATGAS 2000
12:10h Self-healing in harsh environments for automotive applications: Guillem Romero, investigador en polímers avançats – LEITAT
12:20h Materials ceràmics avançats: Ivan Pere Albiol, CEO – Steelceram
12:40h Fabricació Additiva: Disseny i Innovació per al Sector Automòbil: Javier Viñuales – Enginyer de disseny i Analista en HiETA Technologies
12: 30h Tecnologies per a la investigació de materials avançats: ZEISS

13:00 h B2B Meetings – Networking: Visita tècnica
13:30h Visita als laboratoris del sincrotró per veure com aquest pot ser una eina clau per a la recerca de nous materials per a automoció: Alejandro Sánchez, Núria Valls i Marta Àvila. ALBA Synchrotron Light Source

14:30h Networking lunch
16:00h Fi de la jornada


  • Members of CIAC, SECPhO i Clúster MAV: FREE (ICMAB is a member of Clúster MAV)
  • Non-members: 280€ (iva no inclòs)
  • Deadline: 16 d’abril, 9.30h -17h
  • Register here: https://goo.gl/forms/h0CazdCKnxeyIdRe2


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