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1.-           Charge disproportionation in RNiO3 perovskites: Simultaneous Metal-Insulator and Structural Transition in YNiO3

Physical Review Letters, 82 (19), (1999), pp. 3871-3874

J.A. Alonso, J.L. García-Muñoz, M.T. Fernández-Díaz, M.A.G. Aranda, M.J. Martínez- Lope and M.T. Casais.

2.-           Carrier density dependence of the magnetoresistance in Tl2Mn2-xRuxO7 pyrochlores

Physical Review Letters, 83 (10), (1999), pp. 2022-2025

B. Martínez, R. Senis, J. Fontcuberta, X. Obradors, W. Cheikh-Rouhou, P. Strobel, C. Bougerol-Chaillout and M. Pernet

3.-           Dramatic Change in Magnetic Properties of Manganates Ca2-xLnxMnO4 by Low Temperature Electrochemical Oxidation in Fused Nitrates

Chemistry of Materials, 11, (1999), pp. 195-197

C.R. Michel, R. Amigó and N. Casañ-Pastor

4.-           High pressure preparation, crystal structure, magnetic properties and phase  transitions in GdNiO3 and DyNiO3 perovskites

Chemistry of Materials, 11, (1999), pp. 2463-2469

J.A. Alonso, M.J. Martínez-Lope, M.T. Casais, J.L. Martínez, G. Demazeau, A. Largeteau, J.L. García-Muñoz, A. Muñoz and M.T. Fernández-Díaz

5.-           Surface and internal spin canting in y-Fe2O3 nanoparticles

Chemistry of Materials, 11 (11), (1999), pp. 3058-3064

M.P. Morales, S. Veintemillas-Verdaguer, M.I. Montero, C.J. Serna, A. Roig, Ll. Casas, B. Martínez and F. Sandiumenge

6.-           Epitaxial growth of magnetoresistive (00h), (0hh) and (hhh) La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 thin films on (001)Si substrates

Applied Physics Letters, 74 (12), (1999), pp. 1743-1745

J. Fontcuberta, M. Bibes, B. Martínez, V. Trtik, C. Ferrater, F. Sánchez and M. Varela

7.-           Enhanced field sensitivity close to percolation in magnetoresistive La2/3Sr1/3MnO3/CeO2 composites

Applied Physics Letters, 74 (26), (1999), pp. 4014-4016 Ll. Balcells, A.E. Carrillo, B. Martínez and J. Fontcuberta

8.-           Laser patterned arrays of interfaces in magnetoresistive La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 thin films

Applied Physics Letters, 75 (14), (1999), pp. 2120-2122

M. Bibes, B. Martínez, J. Fontcuberta, V. Trtik, F. Benitez, F. Sánchez and M. Varela

9.-           Inhomogeneous transport in heteroepitaxial La0.7Ca0.3MnO3/SrTiO3 multilayers

Applied Physics Letters, 75 (23), (1999), pp. 3689-3691

M-H. Jo, N. Mathur; J. Evetts, M. Blamire, M. Bibes and J. Fontcuberta

10.-         Tetragonal to monoclinic transition in the metallic antiferromagnet Pr1/2Sr1/2MnO3

Physical Review B, 60 (14), (1999), pp. R9889-R9892

A. LLobet, J.L. García-Muñoz, C. Frontera and C. Ritter.

11.-         Comparison between molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations of an ordering process in a binary alloy

Physical Review B, 59 (17), (1999), pp. 11 121-11 124

C. Frontera and E. Vives

12.-         Magnetoresistance at artificial interfaces in the itinerant SrRuO3 ferromagnet

Physical Review B, 60 (13), (1999), pp. 9579-9582

M. Bibes, B. Martínez, J. Fontcuberta, V. Trtik, F. Benítez, C. Ferrater, F. Sánchez and M. Varela

13.-         Spin-glass transition in Cu-Al-Mn shape memory alloys

Physical Review B, (59), (1999), pp. 11450-11457

E. Obradó, A. Planes and B. Martínez

14.-         Bandwidth dependence of the charge-order and Curie temperatures in manganese perovskites

Physical Review B, 60 (9), (1999), pp. 6266-6269

J. Fontcuberta, V. Laukhin and X. Obradors

15.-         Quantum coherence in Fe8 molecular nanomagnets

Europhysics Letters, 47 (6), (1999), pp. 722-728

E. Del Barco, N. Vernier, J.M. Hernández, J. Tejada, E.M. Chudnovsky, E. Molins and

G. Bellessa

16.-         Numerical signs for a transition in the two-dimensional random field Ising model at  T=0

Physical Review E, 59 (2), (1999), pp. R1295-R1298

C. Frontera and E. Vives

17.-         Synthesis and transport properties of sustituted Tl2Mn2O7 pyrochlore

Journal of Materials Chemistry, 9, (1999), pp. 743-748

W. Cheikh-Rouhou, P. Strobel, C. Chaillout, S.M. Loureiro, R. Senis, B. Martínez, X. Obradors and

J. Pierre

18.-         Texture, strain and alloying in sputtered granular magnetic films

Acta Materialia, 47 (5), (1999), pp. 1661-1670

V. Franco, X. Batlle, A. Labarta, J. Bassas and F. Sandiumenge

19.-         Tunable epitaxial growth of magnetoresistive La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 thin films

Journal of Applied Physics, 85 (8), (1999), pp. 4800-4802

J. Fontcuberta, M. Bibes, B. Martínez, V. Trtik, C. Ferrater, F. Sánchez and M. Varela

20.-         Transport and magnetic properties of Tl2Mn2-xRuxO7 diluted system

Journal of Applied Physics, 85 (8), (1999), pp. 5405-5407

R. Senis, B. Martínez, J. Fontcuberta, X. Obradors, W. Cheikh-Rouhou, P. Strobel, C. Bougerol- Chaillout and M. Pernet

21.-         Thermally assisted resonant quantum tunneling of magnetization in Fe8 clusters

Journal of Applied Physics, 85 (8), (1999), pp. 5633-5635
X.X. Zhang, J.M. Hernández, E. Del Barco, J. Tejada, A. Roig, E. Molins and K. Wieghardt

22.-         H-T diagrams of Ln1-xCaxMnO3 (x=1/2, 1/3) in pulsed fields up to 50 T

Journal of Applied Physics, 85 (8), (1999), pp. 5570-5572
J.L. García-Muñoz, M. Respaud, C. Frontera, A. Llobet, J.M. Broto, H. Rakoto and M. Goiran

23.-         Charge localization and magnetic dynamics in ferromagnetic and charge-ordered manganites

Journal of Applied Physics, 85 (8), (1999), pp. 5639-5641
J.L. García-Muñoz, A. Llobet, C. Frontera and C. Ritter

24.-         Computer studies of the 2D random field Ising model at T=0

Computer Physics Communications, 121-122, (1999), pp. 188-190
C. Frontera and E. Vives

25.-         Charge localization and magnetic dynamics in manganites

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 196-197, (1999), pp. 477-478
J.L. García-Muñoz, A. Llobet, C. Frontera, J. Fontcuberta, X. Obradors and C. Ritter

26.-         Hexaferrite particles by coprecipitation and lyophilization

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 196-197, (1999), pp. 293-294
A.  Calleja, E. Tijero, B. Martínez, S. Piñol, F. Sandiumenge and X. Obradors

27.-         Surface and interfacial effects in ceramic manganites

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 196-197, (1999), pp. 479-480

B.  Martínez, Ll. Balcells, M. Respaud, F. Sandiumenge, J. Fontcuberta and X. Obradors

28.-         Structural instability vs bandwidth-controlled charge ordering in x=1/2 manganites

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 196-197, (1999), pp. 549-551

A. Llobet, C. Ritter, C. Frontera, X. Obradors, J.L. García-Muñoz and J. A. Alonso

29.-         Spin-glass phase in the intermetallic Cu-Al-Mn compound

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 196-197, (1999), pp. 634-636

E. Obrado, E. Vives, Ll. Mañosa, A. Planes and B. Martínez

30.-         Mössbauer investigations of Fe8Zr7Si4B2 nanocrystalline alloys

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 203, (1999), pp. 187-189 A.Slawska-Waniewska, J.M. Greneche, A. Roig and A. Inoue

31.-         Colossal magnetoresistance

Physics World, February (1999), pp. 33-38

J. Fontcuberta


32.-         Ag2Cu2O3 : The first silver copper oxide

Angewandte Chemie IE, 38 (4), (1999), pp. 524-525

P. Gómez-Romero, E.M. Tejada-Rosales and M.R. Palacín

33.-         Crystal Structure of the Host Lattices of the Superconductors LixMNX (M= Zr, Hf; X= Cl, Br)

Chemistry of Materials, 11 (2), (1999), pp. 203-306

A. Fuertes, M. Vlassov, D. Beltrán-Porter, P. Alemany, E. Canadell, N. Casañ-Pastor and M.R. Palacín.

34.-         High Resolution Electron Microscopy Study of Hafnium Nitride Chloride.

Chemistry of Materials, 11 (1999), pp. 3425-3429

J. Oró-Solé, M.T. Caldés, M.R. Palacín, M. Vlassov, D. Beltrán-Porter and

A.  Fuertes.

35.-         Enhanced critical currents in melt textured YBa2Cu3O7 by cold isostatic pressing

Applied Physics Letters, 74 (1), (1999), pp. 73-75

B.  Martínez, F. Sandiumenge, T. Puig, X. Obradors, L. Richard and J. Rabier

36.-         High oxygen pressure generation of flux-pinning centers in melt-textured YBa2Cu3O7

Applied Physics Letters, 75 (13), (1999), pp. 1952-1954

T. Puig, J. Plain, F. Sandiumenge, X. Obradors, J. Rabier and J.A. Alonso

37.-         Chemical transport, synthesis, electrochemical behavior and electronic structure of superconducting Zirconium and Hafnium nitride halides Inorganic Chemistry, 38, (1999), pp.4530-4538

M. Vlassov, M.R. Palacín, D. Beltrán-Porter, J. Oró-Solé, E. Canadell, P. Alemany and A. Fuertes.

38.-         Giant vortex state in perforated aluminum microsquares

Physical Review B, 60 (6), (1999), pp. 4285-4292

V. Bruyndoncx, J.G. Rodrigo, T. Puig, L. Van Look, V.V. Moshchalkov and R. Jonckheere

39.-         Muon Spin relaxation in Re substituted HgA2Can-1CunO2n+2+x ( A=Sr, Ba; n=2,3) superconductors

Physical Review B, 60 (10), (1999), pp. 7579-7584

L. Fàbrega, J. Fontcuberta, A. Calleja, A.Sin, S. Piñol, X. Obradors and P. King

40.-         Vortex liquid entanglement in twinned YBa2Cu3O7/Y2BaCuO5 composite superconductors

Physical Review B, 60 (18), (1999), pp. 13099-13106

T.Puig, F. Galante, E.M. Gonzalez, J.L. Vicent, B. Martinez and X. Obradors

41.-         Influence of precursor oxygen stoichiometry on the formation of Hg, Re-1223 superconductors

Superconductor Science and Technology, 12, (1999), pp. 120-127

A. Sin, A.G. Cunha, A. Calleja, M.T.D. Orlando, F.G. Emmerich, E. Baggio-Saitovitch,

M. Segarra, S. Piñol and X. Obradors

42.-         Granular behavior and microstructure of Tl-doped HgBa2CuO4+y: impact of grinding

Superconductor Science and Technology, 12, (1999), pp. 259-263

L. Fàbrega, J. Fontcuberta, F. Sandiumenge, J.V. Yakhmi , B. Bandyopadhyay and B. Ghosh

43.-         Improvement of superconducting (Hg, Re)-1223 ceramics synthesised by the sealed quartz tube technique

Physica C, 328, (1999), pp. 80-88

A. Sin, L. Fàbrega, M.T.D. Orlando, A.G. Cunha, S.Piñol, E. Bagio-Saitovich and X. Obradors

44.-         Effects of re-doping on superconducting properties and formation of Hg-1223 superconductors

Physica C, 328, (1999), pp. 257-269

M.T.D. Orlando, A. Sin, F. Alsina, A.G. Cunha, N. Mestres, A. Calleja, S. Piñol, F.G. Emmerich, L.G. Martínez, M. Segarra, X. Obradors and E. Baggio-Saitovitch

45.-         Flux pinning enhancement by room temperature plastic deformation on Hg-based ceramic superconductors

Physica C, 325, (1999), pp. 27-34

L. Fábrega, A. Sin, S. Piñol, J. Fontcuberta, D. Eyidi and J. Rabier

46.-         Hybrid superconducting fault current limiter based on bulk melt textured YBa2Cu3O7 ceramic composites

IEEE Transactions of Applied Superconductivity, 9 (2), (1999), pp. 1308-1311
X. Granados, X. Obradors, T. Puig, E. Mendoza, V. Gomis, S. Piñol, L. García- Tabarés and J. Calero

 47            Radial and Axial Flux Superconducting Motors in a Levitating Rotor Configuration 
                 IEEE Transactions of Applied Superconductivity, 9 (2), (1999), pp. 1249-1252 
                 I.Márquez, X. Granados, X. Obradors, J. Pallarés and R. Bosch

48.-         Melt growth and superconducting properties of textured Ag-YBa2Cu3O7 conductors

IEEE Transactions of Applied Superconductivity, 9 (2), (1999), pp. 14831486

S. Piñol, T. Puig, B. Martínez, X. Obradors and J.M. Chimenos

49.-         High Pressure oxygenation in melt textured NdBa2Cu3O7: identification of pinning mechanisms

IEEE Transactions of Applied Superconductivity, 9 (2), (1999), pp. 2054-2057 T.Puig, X.Obradors, B.Martínez, F.Sandiumenge, V.Gomis and J.A. Alonso

50.-         Direct identification of extended defects as vortex pinning centers in melt textured YBa2Cu3O7- Y2BaCuO5 composites

IEEE Transactions of Applied Superconductivity, 9 (2), (1999), pp. 2663-2666 T.Puig, X.Obradors, B.Martínez, F.Sandiumenge, J.O'Callaghan and J.Rabier

51.-         Synchrotron X-ray studies of ultra-high-quality crystalline YBa2Cu3O7-8 in sub-micron thick films

IEEE Transactions of Applied Superconductivity, 9 (2), (1999), pp. 1852-1855

W.J. Lin, P.D. Hatton, F. Baudenbacher and J. Santiso


52.-         Stiff monoatomic gold wires with a spinning zigzag geometry

Physical Review Letters, 83 (19), (1999), pp 3884-3888

D. Sánchez-Portal, E. Artacho. J. Junquera, P. Ordejón, A. García and J. M. Soler

53.- A Remarkable Family of Rhodium Acetonitrile Compounds Spanning Three Oxidation States and with Nuclearities Ranging from Mononuclear and Dinuclear to One- Dimensional Chains

Journal of American Chemical Society, 121, (1999), pp. 8005-8016.

M. E. Prater, L. E. Pence, R. Clérac, G. M. Finniss, C. Campana, P. Auban-Senzier,

D. Jérome, E. Canadell and K. R. Dunbar.

54.-         Directing the Structures and Collective Electronic Properties of Organic Conductors: the Interplay of n-Overlap Interactions and Hydrogen Bonds

Chemistry. A European Journal, 5, (1999), pp. 2971-2976.

K.  Heuzé, M. Fourmigué, P. Batail, E. Canadell and P. Auban-Senzier.

55.-         Reactivity of [{M(C6F5)2(m-OH)}2]2- (M=Pd or Pt) toward aromatic amines and malononitrile

Organometallics, 18 (7), (1999), pp. 1177-1184

J. Ruiz, V. Rodríguez, G. López, J. Casabó, E. Molins and C. Miravitlles

56.-         Formation of B-P bonds through the reaction of nido-Monophosphinocarboranes with Palladium (II) Complexes. The first example of a chelating R2P-C-B-PR2 Diphosphine Organometallics, 18, (1999), pp. 4712-4717

C. Viñas, R. Núñez, F. Teixidor, R. Sillanpää and R. Kivekäs

57.-         The first optically pure nido-monothiocarborane cluster

Organometallics, 18, (1999), pp. 5409-5411

F. Teixidor, M.A. Flores and C. Viñas

58.-         Micromechanical properties of silica aerogels

Applied Physics Letters, 75 (5), (1999), pp. 653-655 M.Moner-Girona, A. Roig, E. Molins, E. Martínez and J. Esteve

59.-         Asymmetric Benzothiophene Condensation Facilitated by Platinum (II). The Distinct Roles of Platinum (II) and Palladium (II)

Inorganic Chemistry, 38, (1999), pp. 1642-1644

F. Teixidor, P. Anglès, C. Viñas, R. Kivekäs and R. Sillanpää

60.-         A   series   of   the   twelve-vertex   ferratricarbollides   [2-(r¡5-C5H5)-9-X-closo-2,1,7,9- FeC3B8H10] (where X = H2N, MeHN, Me2N, ButNH, and But(Me)N). A highly stable metallatricarbaborane system with amine functions in the para position to the metal center

Inorganic Chemistry, 38, (1999), pp. 2775-2780

J.Holub, B.Grüner, I.Císarová, J.Fusek, Z.Plzák, F.Teixidor, C.Viñas and B.Stíbr

61.-         Synthesis of pyridine NS2 ligands incorporating 1-Methoxycarbonyl-2-thio(o- carborane). Are they a route to "Carboranethiophene" compounds?

Inorganic Chemistry, 38, (1999), pp. 3605-3608

F. Teixidor, P. Anglés and C. Viñas

62.-         Nucleophile-Dependent     Stereodivergence     in    the    Pd-Catalyzed     Intramolecular Cyclization of 2-(p-Tolylsulfinyl)allylacetates

Tetrahedron Letters, 40, (1999), pp. 4259-4262

M. Henrich, A. Delgado, E. Molins, A. Roig and A. Llebaria

63.- Ferratricarbollide design for molecular assemblies: complexes [9,9'-(Bu'HN)2-commo- 2,2'-M-closo-1,7,9-(C3B8H10)-1',7',9'-(C3B8H10] (where M=Fe or Ru), the first examples of double-cluster metallatricarbollides

Journal of the Chemical Society Dalton Transactions, (1999), pp. 3337-3338

B. Grüner, F. Teixidor, C. Viñas, R. Sillanpää, R. Kivekäs and B. Stíbr

64.-         Palladium(II) and Platinum(II) Polyamine Complexes: X-Ray Crystal Structures of (SP- 4-2)-Chloro{N-[(3-amino-KN)-propyl]propane-1,3-diamine-KN,KN´}palladium(1+) Tetrachloropalladate (2-) (2:1) and (R,S)- Tetrachloro [m-(spermine)] dipalladium(II)(={m-{N,N´-Bis[(3-amino-KN) propyl]butane-1,4 -diamine-KN:KN´}} tetrachlorodipalladium)

Helvetica Chimica Acta, 82, (1999), pp. 1025-1037

G. Codina, A. Caubet. C. López, V. Moreno and E. Molins

65.-         Nickel(II)-catalyzed    Michael    additions.    Formation    of    quaternary    centers    and diastereoselective addition of enantiopure N-Acetoacetyl-4-benzyloxazolidin-2-one Tetrahedron, 55, (1999), pp. 7331-7344

J. Clariana, N. Gálvez, C. Marchi, M. Moreno-Mañas, A. Vallribera and E. Molins

66.-         The Organic-Inorganic Polyaniline/V2O5 System. Application as a High-Capacity Hybrid Cathode for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries.

Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 146 (6), (1999), pp. 2029-2033.

M. Lira-Cantú and P. Gómez-Romero.

67.- Contribution of the o-carboranyl fragment to the chemical stability and the 31P-NMR chemical shift in closo-carboranylphosphines. Crystal structure of bis(1-yl-2-methyl- 1,2-dicarba-closo-dodecaborane)phenylphosphine

Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 592 (1), (1999), pp. 22-28

R. Núñez, C. Viñas, F. Teixidor, R. Sillanpää and R. Kivekäs.

68.-         Synthesis of new arylcarboranes as precursors for oligomers

Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 587, (1999), pp. 67-73

B. Förster, J. Bertran, F. Teixidor and C. Viñas.

69.-         C-substituted bis(dicarbollide) metal compounds as sensors and extractants of radionuclides from nuclear wastes

Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 581, (1999), pp. 188-193.

C.  Viñas, S. Gomez, J. Bertran, J. Barron, F. Teixidor, J.F. Dozol, H. Rouquette, R. Kivekäs and R. Sillanpäá

70.-         The first examples of r¡5-bonding of a carbaborylphosphine ligand to transition metals. Synthesis and characterization of 7-{PPh2AuPPh3}-8-Ph-7,8-nido-C2B9H10, 1-{PPh2AuCl}-

2-Ph-3-(p-cymene)-3,1,2-pseudocloso-RuC2B9H9 and 1-{PPh2AuCl}-2-Ph-3-(r¡-C5Me5)- 3,1,2-pseudocloso-RhC B H 1,2

2 9 9

Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 573,(1999), pp. 165-170

M.A. McWhannell, G.M. Rosair, A.J. Welch, F. Teixidor and C. Viñas

71.- A simple route to essential tricarbollides. A high-yield synthesis of 7-amine-nido-7,8,9- tricarbaundecaboranes(10), 7-L-nido-7,8,9-C3B8H10 (where L= H3N, Me2NH, Me3N and, ButH2N)

Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 582 (2), (1999), pp. 282-284 B.Stibr, J.Holub, J.Plesek, T.Jelinek, B. Grüner, F. Teixidor and C.Viñas.

72.-         Reactivity towards some weak protic electrophiles of the di-m-hydroxo complex [{Pd(m- OH)(tmeda)}2][BPh4]2: crystal structure of [{Pd(tmeda)}2(m-OH)(m-HNC6H4Cl-p)][BPh4]2 Inorganica Chimica Acta, 287, (1999), pp. 37-46

G. Sánchez, J.L. Serrano, J. García, G. López, J. Pérez, E. Molins

73.-         New palladium (II) complexes with bis(pyrazol-1-yl)alkanes

Inorganica Chimica Acta, 295, (1999), pp. 136-145

G.Sánchez, J.L. Serrano, J. Pérez, M.C. Ramírez de Arellano, G. López and E. Molins

74.-       New cyclometalated palladium (II) complexes with iminophosphines crystal structures  of [Pd(CxN)(o-Ph2PC6H4-CH=NR)][PF6] (CxN=azobenzene, R=Et; CxN=2- phenylpyridine, R=Me)

Polyhedron, 18, (1999), pp. 3057-3064

G. Sánchez, J.L. Serrano, M.A. Moral, J. Pérez, E. Molins and G. López

75.- Crystal structures of the N-salicylidene-L-serinatoaquacopper(II) monohydrate and its ternary derivative with 2-aminopyridine

Polyhedron, 18, (1999), pp. 871-878

A.García-Raso, J.J. Fiol, A. López-Zafra, A. Cabrero, I. Mata and E. Molins

76.-      Structure solution from powder data of the hydrous layer silicate kanemite, a precursor of the industrial ion exchanger SKS-6.

European Journal of Mineralogy, 11, (1999), pp. 125-134

S. Vortmann, J. Rius, B. Marler and H. Gies.

77.-    Band structure and Fermi surface of the (BEDT-TTF)4M[Fe(CN)5NO]2  (M  =  Na,  K,  Rb, ...) molecular metals containing the photochromic nitroprusside anion

Solid State Communications, 111, (1999), pp. 329-333

M. Gener, E. Canadell, S. S. Khasanov, L. V. Zorina, R. P. Shibaeva, L. A. Kushch and E. B. Yagubskii

78.- In situ structural study  of  4V-range  lithium  extraction/insertion  in  fluorine-substituted  LiMn2O4 .

Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 144, (1999), pp. 361-371

M.R. Palacín, F. Le Cras, L. Seguin, M. Anne, Y. Chabre, J.M. Tarascon, G. Amatucci,

G. Vaughan and P. Strobel.

79.-         Synthesis and Characterization of Intercalate Phases in the Organic-Inorganic Polyaniline/V2O5 System

Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 147, (1999), pp. 601-608.

M. Lira-Cantú and P. Gómez-Romero.

80.-         Characteristics of the 4 V plateau in LiMn2(O4-xFx) studied by in situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction.

Journal of Power Sources, 81-82, (1999), pp. 458-462

P. Strobel, M. Anne, Y. Chabre, M.R. Palacín, L. Seguin, G. Vaughan, G. Amatucci and

J.M. Tarascon.

81.-         Electrochemical and Structural Study of the 3.3V reduction  step  in defective  LixMn2O4 and LiMn2O(4-y)Fy compounds

Journal of Power Sources, 81-82, (1999), pp. 627-631

M.R. Palacín, G.G. Amatucci, M. Anne, Y. Chabre, L. Seguin, P. Strobel, J M. Tarascon and G. Vaughan.

82.-         Aqua(5,6-dimethyl-1,10-phenanthroline-N,N')(malonato-O,O')copper(II) hydrate

Acta Crystallographica, C55, (1999), pp. 158-160

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4 2

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