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1.-       A. Barreiro, R. Rurali, E.R. Hernández, J. Moser, T. Pichler, L. Forró and A. Bachtold

Subnanometer motion of cargoes driven by thermal gradients along carbon nanotubes

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Modulating the framework negative charge density in the system [BDT-TTP ·+]/[Re6S5Cl91-]/[Re6(S/Se)6Cl82-]/[Re6S7Cl73-]: Templating by isosteric cluster anions of identical symmetry and shape, variations of incommensurate band filling, and electronic structure in 2D metals

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First-principles approach to lattice-mediated magnetoelectric effects

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The 8 : 1 : 1 ternary hybrid framework in the system [EDT-TTF ·+][1,4-bis(iodoethynyl)benzene][Re6Se8(CN)6]4-: Dual noncovalent expression of the octahedral halogen-bond hexa-acceptor nanonode

Chemical Communications, (19), (2008), pp. 2194-2196

6.-       E.R. Hernández and E. Canadell

Marcasite vs. arsenopyrite structural choice in MN2 (M = Ir, Os and Rh) transition metal nitrides

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Roles of cations, electronegativity difference, and anionic interlayer interactions in the metallic versus nonmetallic character of Zintl phases related to arsenic

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Hydrogen bonding and binding of polybasic residues with negatively charged mixed lipid monolayers

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Conducting mixed-valence salt of bis(ethylenedithio)tetrathiafulvalene (BEDT-TTF) with the paramagnetic heteroleptic anion [Cr-III(oxalate)2(2,2 '-bipyridine)]-

New Journal of Chemistry, 32 (2), (2008), pp. 333-339

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28.-     F.R. Varanda, L.F. Vega, J.A.P. Coutinho and I.M. Marrucho

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European Physical Journal B, 66 (4), (2008), pp. 489-495

30.-     A. Correia, J.J. Sáenz and P. Ordejón

Trends in nanotechnology (TNT2007) - Preface

Physica Status Solidi A-Applications and Materials Science; 205 (6), (2008), pp. 1245-1246

31.-     S.V. Simonov, L.V. Zorina, S.S. Khasanov, R.P. Shibaeva and E. Canadell

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Low-gradient magnetophoresis through field-induced reversible aggregation

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 112 (4), (2008), pp. 945-950


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Large coupled magnetoresponses in EuNbO2N

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 130 (38), (2008), pp. 12572-12573

34.-     C. Frontera, J.L. García-Muñoz, P. Beran, N. Bellido, I. Margiolaki and C. Ritter

Short- and long-range orbital order in phase separated Pr0.50Ca0.50Mn0.99Ti0.01O3: Its role in thermal hysteresis

Chemistry of Materials, 20 (9), (2008), pp. 3068-3075

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Tuning in-plane magnetic anisotropy in (110) La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 films by anisotropic strain relaxation

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Intrinsic avalanches and collective phenomena in a Mn(II)-free radical ferrimagnetic chain

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Effect of disorder on the temperature dependence of the resistivity of SrRuO3

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Metallocenium salts of nickel Bis(α-thiophenedithiolate) [M(Cp*)2][Ni(α-tpdt)2] (M = Fe, Mn, Cr) - metamagnetism and magnetic frustration

European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, (34), (2008), pp. 5327-5337

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Journal of Applied Physics, 103 (7), (2008), pp. 07E302-1 – 07E302-3

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Surface vortex depinning in an irradiated single crystal microbridge of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ: Crossover from individual to collective bulk pinning

Physical Review B, 77 (21), (2008), pp. 212507-1 – 212507-4

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