Atomic layer deposition of functional multicomponent oxides

Mariona Coll, and Mari Napari. APL Materials 7, 110901 (2019);

Advances in the fabrication of multicomponent oxide thin films are crucial to prepare specific compositions with precise structures and controlled interfaces. This will enable the investigation of novel phenomena and development of new devices and applications. Atomic layer deposition (ALD) has flourished over the last decades in fabrication of conformal thin films and nanostructures with atomic-scale control. Nonetheless, the scenario of deposition of complex oxides with desired properties has proven to be challenging. In this article, we scrutinize the basics of the precursor and process design for ALD followed by a review on the major achievements in the synthesis of doped and complex oxides identifying several relevant examples that are foreseen to have direct technological applications. Finally, current challenges and perspectives on ALD complex oxides are given

Atomic layer deposition of functional multicomponent oxides

Tuneable and low cost molecular electronics

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