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Bologna, 2-7 SEPT 2018: 69th Annual International Society of Electrochemistry Meeting

The 69th Annual International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) Meeting will be held in Bologna, Italy, from 2 to 7 September 2018. The meeting will be hosted by the “Nuovo Polo Congressuale Bologna”.

16 March 2018

Bologna, seat of the oldest university in the western world, has been for centuries the place where academic knowledge is generated and transmitted throughout generations. Now the town is the centre of a vibrant, innovation-driven, high-tech area. To mark the continuity between academic culture and technological progress, the scientific theme of the meeting is Electrochemistry from Knowledge to Innovation.

The scientific program of the 69th Annual ISE Meeting will comprise symposia sponsored by all ISE Divisions, covering all the scientific interests of the ISE membership and of the electrochemical community at large. Fundamental aspects of analytical, molecular, physical and bioelectrochemistry will be discussed, as well as their applications to (nano)materials science, energy, environment and biomedicine.

For more information, please visit the meeting websitehttp://www.ise-online.org/

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