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Title Published Date
Dr. Lourdes Fàbrega gives a talk on the events for the 8th of March 06 March 2024
PRIDE Month at ICMAB: Showing support for all members of the LGBTQIA+ community 27 June 2023
"Dona Ciència. Dona Tecnologia" new campaign on women in science and technology 15 March 2023
Which are the influencers and books that we got to know this year for 11F? 09 March 2023
Women in Materials Science: special RSC collection with ICMABers 08 March 2023
Celebrating 11F 2023 at ICMAB: Influencers, books, school visits and more! 10 February 2023
How to implement the 10 Measures for LGTBQIA+ equality in Research Centers (by PRISMA) 06 December 2022
We adhere to the statement on women's rights in Iran proposed by ISGlobal for #25N 30 November 2022
#25N “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women” 25 November 2022
Leading research experts meet at the UAB campus for "Science and Entrepreneurship in Feminine" 17 November 2022
An article on chemical doping of OFETs in the Advanced Materials Women in Materials Science special issue 17 August 2022
"The outcome of my research at ICMAB can be applied in my country, Nigeria" 21 July 2022
ICMAB debuts in the "Science by Women" program in its 7th edition 23 March 2022
Madame Châtelet performance at the NeuroArt Festival at CCCB 18 March 2022
#CuriositatsCientífiques about women in science in our Twitter for #11F2022 08 March 2022
"Anyone can be a scientist, if they want to" #100tífiques 11 February 2022
MATERLAND invites you to participate in an interactive game for 11F 08 February 2022
"Descobreix les propietats dels materials", "Matheroes" and "Ciència en femení" from ICMAB in Sant Celoni 03 February 2022
Participate in this year's Women in Science Wikimarathon on 8 Feb! 02 February 2022
Celebrating 11F 2022 at ICMAB with Vicenta Arnal and Émilie du Châtelet 28 January 2022
Submissions open for Special Issue of MDPI on Fluorescent Organic Nanoparticles for Bioimaging and Theragnostics 24 January 2022
Equality policies in science and Women and STEM: SOMMa Gender Equality event 2021 01 June 2021
Moderate positive trends towards closing the gender breach: the data on the glass ceiling in Spanish Research 20 May 2021
Women in science: Resources to stay informed this #8M #WomensDay 08 March 2021
Test your knowledge at the "Women in Science League" 18 February 2021
High participation in the initiative "Draw a women scientist" for #11F2021 12 February 2021
The Matilda effect in the Catalunya Radio Programme "Les dones i els dies" 09 February 2021
#100tífiques: promoting female scientific talent in schools for 11F 03 February 2021
“Madame Châtelet” lecture will open the Alumni UB conference cycle on women of science on 3 Feb 2021 01 February 2021
#11F2021 Invited Talk: "Emmy Noether and the power of abstraction in Mathematics" by Dolors Herbera 26 January 2021
AMIT-CAT organizes their first Women in Science Conference 15 January 2021
The exhibition "Científiques Catalanes 2.0" is this January 2021 at ICMAB 11 January 2021
100 attendees at the 1st meeting of the CSIC Equality Committees promoted by the ICM 14 December 2020
First meeting of the CSIC Equality Committees at ICM-Institut de Ciències del Mar 01 December 2020
10 Measures for LGBT+ equality in Research Centers by PRISMA #ConferenciaPRISMA 18 November 2020
Equality Plans will be an eligibility criterion in the future Horizon Europe programme 05 October 2020
ICMAB will be part of the programme "Science by Women" of the Women for Africa Foundation 02 October 2020
Join the Special Workshop "Women of Distinction in Materials Science" on 21 Sept 2020 25 August 2020
Open call for L'Oreál-UNESCO "For Women in Science" 2020 awards 18 June 2020
COVID-19 will affect women’s career prospects more than men’s. Here’s what we can do about it. 17 June 2020
"It's a privilege" Stefania Sandoval's experience participating in "Somos Científicos y Científicas, sácanos de aquí" 2020 08 June 2020
12 May 2020: Celebrating Women in Mathematics 12 May 2020
The exhibition "Científiques Catalanes 2.0", with Anna Roig and M. Rosa Palacín, is now online! 04 May 2020
Amabilino, David Brian [Director] 04 May 2020
The ACS Omega Virtual Issue "Women at the Forefront of Chemistry" features two articles led by ICMAB women 27 March 2020
5 MARCH 2020: "SCIENTIFILIA" Documentary for the International Women's Day 26 February 2020
#QuotesFromWomenScientists: our social network activity for the International Day of Women and Girls in Science 19 February 2020
Sants3Radio covers the #11F2020 in "Escola Can Maiol" with Arántzazu González 14 February 2020
The exhibition "Científiques Catalanes 2.0" coordinated by the ACCC starts its tour on #11F2020 10 February 2020
#ICMAB11F: Celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science at the ICMAB 05 February 2020
ICMAB, 14 Feb 2020: "El Enigma Agustina" for the #ICMAB11F2020 03 February 2020
UAB, 12 FEB 2020: "Energia i Canvi Climàtic" with M. Rosa Palacín #11F 28 January 2020
"Science and gender: perspectives from the history of science" by Clara Florensa to celebrate the 11F: International Day of Women and Girls in Science 24 January 2020
The ICMAB presents activities around "Women in Science" at #YoMoBCN20 20 December 2019
“Madame Châtelet and her Instagram followers” releases a promotional video 29 November 2019
Anna Laromaine, within the Top 100 women leaders, invited to El Pais Con Tu Futuro! 28 November 2019
ICMAB members participate in the gathering of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 25 November 2019
The Science Week brings 185 students aged 12-16 years to discover the new materials of the ICMAB! 11 November 2019
“Madame Châtelet” dramatized reading will open the Alumni UB conference cycle on women of science 29 April 2019
"Physics Viewpoint: Yes, Sexual Harassment Still Drives Women Out of Physics" 29 April 2019
"Madame Châtelet and her Instagram followers" performed for the students of "Els Pins del Vallès" in Sant Cugat 12 March 2019
The Madame Châtelet Project presented at the Conference “Women, Science and Technology” in Terrassa 06 March 2019
Arántzazu González in "L'informatiu" TVE1 for the International Day of Women and Girls in Science 11 February 2019
Celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science at ICMAB 11 February 2019
#11F: "Our scientists in the school" for the International Day of Women and Girls in Science 08 February 2019
Anna Laromaine in People First: “Tener mentores y referentes es importantísimo para elegir una profesión” 23 January 2019
#11F: "Lise Meitner: insights from recent research" by Xavier Roqué 21 January 2019
"Escletxes per incloure la dona en la ciència": Madame Châtelet in "Núvol" 07 January 2019
Anna Laromaine participates in the project "Ciencia y Tecnología en femenino" 27 November 2018
Imma Ratera participated at the "4t Congrés de Dones d'Empresa" 14 November 2018
How many women are working at ICMAB? 09 February 2018
Celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science at ICMAB 07 February 2018
The best moments of the L'Oréal For Women in Science Research Awards ceremony in VIDEO 02 December 2017
Women in Science 150 years after Marie Curie was born 07 November 2017
Mariona Coll, Research Award L'Oréal-Unesco "For Women in Science" 2017 24 July 2017
Open call: L'ORÉAL-UNESCO Research Awards for Women in Science 2017 20 April 2017
Participation in the International Day of Women and Girls in Science – 11 February 07 February 2017
Anna Laromaine, awarded with the L'Oréal-UNESCO "For Women In Science" research award 30 September 2016
Women at the ICMAB joint the celebration of the First Day of Women and Girls in Science 11 February 2016
La Prof Concepció Rovira ha estat nomenada com una de les IUPAC 2013 Distinguished Women in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering 28 May 2013
Inauguració de l’exposició: 16 científiques catalanes 19 February 2010