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Title Published Date
A new molecular Gd-based 2D metal-organic-framework opens new frontiers to on-surface magnetic cooling of technological devices 04 April 2024
New animal model created to study Parkinson's disease before neurodegeneration appears 05 March 2024
Projecte dirigit per Albert Verdaguer podria reduir en un 40% el consum d’aigua en producció de neu 09 November 2023
ICMAB's research on brain tumor therapy using boron clusters featured in Journal of Materials Chemistry B's prestigious collection 23 August 2023
Publication of the Journal Citation Reports 2023 (data from 2022) #JCR2023 12 July 2023
Women in Materials Science: special RSC collection with ICMABers 08 March 2023
The essentials of battery design materials at "AMR Materials Stories" 06 March 2023
New nanoarchitectonics to enhance cell-adhesion with quatsomes 25 January 2023
New Cover in Journal of Materials Chemistry B on Boron clusters as radiosensitizers 19 January 2023
#ChemicalScience Pick of the Week for synchrotron radiation applied to batteries 13 January 2023
ICMAB’s most frequent collaborators in 2022 - A year in review 30 December 2022
ICMAB’s 2022 most published journals - A year in review 29 December 2022
Highly cited ICMAB articles in 2022 - A year in review 28 December 2022
Top 10 ICMAB articles with a higher IF in 2022 - A year in review 27 December 2022
High Harmonic spectroscopy unveils the phase transitions of high-temperature superconductors 27 September 2022
Versatile in situ method to prepare plasmonic nanoparticles arrays 18 August 2022
An article on chemical doping of OFETs in the Advanced Materials Women in Materials Science special issue 17 August 2022
Efficient photovoltaics: more (light) with less (material) 03 August 2022
New Cover in ChemComm on boron-based luminescent nanoparticles 13 April 2022
Converting solar energy to electricity on demand 11 April 2022
A new targeted nanosystem improves brain drug delivery for the treatment after a stroke 17 February 2022
A wall to stop bacterial wilt in tomato plants 14 February 2022
Stable nanovesicles for the delivery of microRNA in cancer treatment in #WorldCancerDay 04 February 2022
New fluorescent nanovesicles for intracellular biomarker detection 14 January 2022
13 ICMAB researchers in the Stanford ranking of most highly cited scientists 12 January 2022
The ICMAB Annual Report 2020 is here! 26 November 2021
Towards solar energy with a 2-in-1 system based on molecular photoisomers 26 November 2021
Writing ferroelectric memories: the wetter, the better 19 November 2021
New Cover in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C on how water nanofilms affect solid-medium interactions 14 September 2021
Common workflows for computing material properties with various quantum engines 07 September 2021
The Journal of Materials Chemistry C publishes a themed issue in honor of Jaume Veciana and Concepció Rovira 30 August 2021
Nanomedicine for the topical treatment of complex wounds 04 August 2021
Simulated microgravity system to synthesize high-quality 2D crystalline materials 29 July 2021
A new theory to explain the transparency of metallic oxides 23 July 2021
Thermal waves observed in semiconductor materials 30 June 2021
New Cover in Advanced Therapeutics on a new scalable technology for the preparation of novel nanopharmaceuticals for wound healing 21 June 2021
A device monitoring heart failure from saliva co-developed by ICMAB and IMB-CNM researchers 06 May 2021
How to speed-up the discovery and optimization of organic photovoltaic materials? 05 May 2021
Bio-nanocellulose meshes improve hernia repair surgery 20 April 2021
Development of a radiolabeled nanomaterial to improve current theranostics for cancer 12 March 2021
Tweed texture revealed in vanadium dioxide in metal-insulator transitions 11 March 2021
Nanoenzymes designed with a unique combination of structure and functions 09 March 2021
New Cover in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces on combinatorial screening of superconductors 01 March 2021
Bio-membranes with ocular stem cells to treat corneal disorders 25 February 2021
Machine learning to predict the performance of organic solar cells 28 January 2021
New approach in laser fabricated electrodes for supercapacitive energy storage 27 January 2021
ICMAB’s most frequent collaborators in 2020 - A year in review 05 January 2021
ICMAB’s top countries with whom we have collaborated in 2020 - A year in review 04 January 2021
ICMAB’s 2020 most published journals - A year in review 31 December 2020
The 10 ICMAB articles with a higher IF in 2020 - A year in review 30 December 2020
The 15 most cited ICMAB articles of 2020 - A year in review 29 December 2020
New COVER in "Organometallics" on boron-based antimicrobial and antifungal agents 28 December 2020
The most prolific ICMAB Authors of 2020 - A year in review 28 December 2020
ICMAB is the 10th Catalan Institution with more ERC Grants 17 December 2020
Molecular simulations to understand coronavirus 27 November 2020
Announcement of a public-private investment fund for the promotion of knowledge transfer 17 November 2020
Unexpected soft ferroelectric domain walls 29 October 2020
Smart fluorescent molecular switches based on boron-based compounds 29 October 2020
Electric forces to characterize future biocompatible organic electronic devices 26 October 2020
Superconductivity at room temperature: breaching a scientific barrier 21 October 2020
New semiconductors with strong optical response in the framework of a MIT "la Caixa" Foundation project 15 October 2020
Borate-based passivation layers enables reversible calcium batteries 28 September 2020
Discover how ICMAB is helping face cancer on #WorldCancerResearchDay 24 September 2020
NextGen nanotechnology: changing conductivity with an Atomic Force Microscope with nanoscale precision 17 September 2020
Quantum confinement in hybrid perovskites in the Nature Materials News & Views by Alejandro Goñi 28 August 2020
Meet Ignasi Fina, interviewed at Materials Horizons Emerging Investigator Series 27 August 2020
How do surface acoustic waves enhance catalytic activity? 26 August 2020
Chemistry institution IUPAC establishes new recommendations for the nomenclature of boranes 07 August 2020
CSIC shares ICMAB’s highlights in its Annual Report 2019 06 August 2020
Piezoresponse Force Microscopy, a simple method to visualize moiré superlattices 03 August 2020
How do superconducting coated conductors respond to the extreme temperature, frequency and magnetic field conditions of the CERN Future Circular Collider? 24 July 2020
The challenge of understanding low-gradient magnetic separation 22 July 2020
Practical and versatile micro-patterning for organic electronics and photonics 17 July 2020
Cost effective approach for the fabrication of large area metamaterials 16 July 2020
Emulating the plasticity of synapses between neurons in a physical system by light stimuli 06 July 2020
New developments and applications for SIESTA program 02 July 2020
Experiments confirm theoretical research: SiGe alloys for optoelectronics and ferroelectric phononic switches 25 June 2020
New fluorescent nanoparticles to see what is invisible to the eye 27 May 2020
Light-boosted flexoelectricity properties discovered in perovskites 19 May 2020
Aromaticity in 3D Boron clusters is better than expected! 11 May 2020
New ruthenium-based metallocarboranes for bimodal cancer therapy 07 May 2020
Highly sensitive and flexible organic X-ray detectors 01 May 2020
"Fluorescent efficiency of three m-carborane-anthracene derivatives" featured in UAB Divulga 29 April 2020
Publicada en Nature Materials investigación coliderada por Mariano Campoy sobre la obtención de paneles solares que permitan un mayor rendimiento energético. 17 May 2016